Alt Left: Is Feudalism Individualist or Collectivist?

RL: “Societies where most men are behaviorally Alpha oddly enough seem to be collectivist societies (someone explain this to me). ”

Clavdius Americanvs: The U.S. Military, really all modern standing militaries, are effectively Alpha-dominated Communist centrally-planned societies. I’ll mull over why.

Ok, but you didn’t answer the question. The main question is why the trend in theses collectivist societies seems to be either feudalism or socialism/communism. This implies that feudalism is a collectivist system not an individualist system. How does this make sense? How is feudalism either collectivist or individualist? I don’t know what it is!

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5 thoughts on “Alt Left: Is Feudalism Individualist or Collectivist?”

  1. I just made really long comment here but it seems to have been lost. Did you manage to catch it?

    In summary,
    (1) Communist or centrally planned societies like the military or large bureaucratic corporations, reduce random chance allowing for Alpha to make it in the long-run. These commie societies provide equal opportunity and help you if you get knocked down. You keep your job, or rank or something.

    The free market has no safety net so even Alphas can get whipped out. Conversely, an idiot can make it rich like those rappers and entertainers. Think of a lesser boxing winning round 1 by pure luck. In the long run, the better boxer will win more rounds however.

    (2) All societies cycle through free to feudal. Capitalism is the fast way to go through the never-ending cycle. The higher the IQ, the faster they cycle through. Socialism slows down the cycles but does nothing to stop the long-term process.

    1. Also, Alpha males will always regard Cultural left bs regardless of whether they live in a capitalist or conservative socialist society like the USSR or China. In the 1st World Western countries, Alpha Whites, Hispanics and East Asians are all right-wingers of some sort: Republic, Libertarian and weight-lifting racists. The beta bitches are mostly liberal males. Blacks & Browns can go ether way because to be right-winger is often synonymous with anti-Black/Brown.

      So couple this with the fact that centrally-planned organizations with safety nets allow Alphas to survive iteration after iteration with out being permanently knocked out of the rat race and up they go. Betas, although not knocked off the rat race, they simply don’t progress upwards do to lack of ambition or what have you.

      The military makes it hard to have someone kicked out. Enlisted men can be demoted but rarely kicked out. Officers can’t be demoted at all! They can have their career destroyed but simply by being allowed to stick around a bit linger, they can make some sort of come back.

      In Fortune 500 corporate America and we-can’t-fire-you Europe you are allowed many chances to screw up. Trust me. There are lazy fuck idiots working there for years doing God knows what. In a small or medium business they would have been fired long ago. The corporate safety net with benefits, paid vacation and the threat of a lawsuit can actually favor employees and in many respects resembles a communist dictatorship. Real smart Alphas quickly realize this and totally work the system in their favor.

      The complaint that corporate jobs suck your soul is true. But nobody is forcing anyone to work there so I don’t feel any pity for those fat overweight, overworked middle-aged people. Often these scum defile the firm as much as the firm defiles them. The only thing binding them are the health care benefits and the pension/deferred compensation/matched retirement contributions. They see the world through a socialist lens despite what their claimed politics may be.

      Many people by naturally love to offer themselves to a collectivist system. It’s isn’t that proponents of capitalism are wrong, or even right. That’s a silly notion. See my cyclical interpretation of socialism and capitalism above. The truth is, many people who are willing to work and produce in modest amounts, are by that same token, willing to become serfs of a manor and serve some lord. True entrepreneurial risk-taker that over produce or hyper individualists, like yours truly, are very rare.

      As I’ve said before, I’m not truly a libertarian as in the belief that it’s the best model for society. Rather, it’s more like, I perceive the world itself as a “libertarian” system. That’s how I see it. Sometimes I wonder if Robert Lindsay is really a socialist. He sounds more like an anti-establishment type more than anything. Perhaps with a proper finance and math education he would revisit some of his view points.

    2. I just made really long comment here but it seems to have been lost. Did you manage to catch it?

      Maybe write your longer comments in Notepad. I need to start doing that. There’s something wrong here. I cut large portions of my post out to post in a new post and when I paste them, there’s nothing there but some old clipboard. I don’t get it. Also this stupid WordPress does not keep copies of your revisions as it should, so saving drafts is almost useless, as it seems to automatically save drafts anyway. I swear this shit application has gone downhill, like so many things IT.

      1. Thanks. Actually I didn’t lose it. I commented under the other post and didn’t realize it.

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