Loads of Hypocrites at a Church

Well, the divorce rate is high among churchgoers. Also, all that sexual repression clearly leads to high porn viewing among church members!

What’s the solution? Well, the fact is that scripture – as interpreted by most churches – is cruel and anti-human. Why would anyone want to really believe in a doctrine of eternal hell or even annihilation? The thought of these things leads to rebellion against Christianity, or at the least, people just simply ignoring the issue.

Now the problem with sex is simply the fact that monogamous marriages cannot satisfy a lot of men.

A typical church nowadays will say problems with the church are the result of “bad followers,” not “bad scripture.”  If only the members would get their act together! But get what together?  You mean follow cruel and anti-human doctrines simply out of tradition because people assume the Bible was interpreted that way?

But What About Satan Bringing on More Temptation with Porn?

That’s what would happen considering nobody has tried to dig deeper into scripture to find a better way.

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