Is Islam Sexually Oppressive?

I will try to think “outside the box” on this one. The radical atheists are correct. If Christianity was really practiced in its true form, it would be very similar to Islam in regard to sex.

Nonetheless, the upside in Islam is you can have many wives if you feel your sex drive is simply bigger than most, and probably Christianity in it’s true form, as noted in previous posts, is similar if we look at all the polygamy and concubines in the Bible. If people are trying to rite that off,” their arguments are very weak.

One argument Muslims give is that real sexual freedom is given under Islam, not secularism. I don’t know. Normally I would disagree, but thinking “outside the box,” how is being a whore good for your or society’s well-being? How is being a player?

But Where’s the Fun?

In your harem, of course! But how else could people be protected from things that harm them emotionally and in other ways?

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