People Hate Cops? A lot of Women Don’t!

Black Lives Matter?

Yeah, cops can be jerks, bullies whatever.  However, the masculinity they project, attracts women.  In that case, despite the daily threats to life – you get to be on the top of the dating chain.

Anyhow, I don’t blame women. It’s just in their nature. Nonetheless, it’s tough not to be jealous – because honestly, it’s tough to compete against someone like that.

Well, on the male side, men like feminine women with some exceptions.  They would like uhh, cheerleaders, pretty Filipinas.  I mean, sure women are going to be jealous of these hot women!

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3 thoughts on “People Hate Cops? A lot of Women Don’t!”

  1. Cops get a lot of women. Maybe fewer Black women these days. White hillbillies and cops are essentially the Left’s niggers. I’ve really connected with women sarcastically acting like a hillbilly. Women really seem to get off on power and primitive cavemen types.

  2. While in the end law enforcement is actually needed – especially right now in the biggest cities like NY, LA and Chicago – sadly in the U.S. at least, it appears that only the lowest forms of life become police officers.

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