Avoiding The Breakup – Repentance with No Penance

O.K., in this thing – we’re assuming you love the girl.  I mean, it’s not like some thing of messing around for sex – or maybe being with some tame girl you never grew attached to for some reason.

Now penance, for those familiar with the term – is where you pay back for the sin. It’s kind of like going to jail/prison, paying a court cost and seeing a probation officer.  In other words, sorry isn’t enough.  Talk is cheap, worthless.

So how do you change things? I don’t know.  Maybe a girl could buy a real change of heart after a few days, but I suspect with most, it’s not that easy.  I mean, you’re talking about months/years of you taking for granted the girl, treating her like dirt.

Why is crying and whining so worthless in women’s eyes?

Cause again, it comes across as cheap, simply not enough penance going on.  In that case, sure she’s going to mock your manhood or whatever.


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