Game/PUA: Women Deal with Loneliness and Lack of Sex Better Than Men

Women can definitely deal with loneliness and lack of sex better than men can, and it’s all down to that unfathomable entity known as the female sex drive.

The thing is that while women have an extremely strong sex drive in a sense (provided someone turned it on in the first place – preferably Chad!), it differs from the male in that women can simply take sex or leave it if so desired. We are now starting to see some women say:

Damn, I need some cock!

You didn’t hear that so much in the past, but I had 18 year old girls telling me things along those lines back in 1975:

Damn I am getting so horny these days, I swear I’m going to have to shove a bottle up there.

But she had a very strong sex drive in addition to being an extreme slut, bless her whorish heart.

In men, sex is quite different. It’s like an itch that you can’t scratch when you do without it. Sure, we can always jerk off to deal with the physical problem, but that’s often not satisfactory, and it’s hard to do if you live with other people. Furthermore, masturbation doesn’t take care of the urge.

Of course, in the Current Year, women also masturbate like crazy, while it seems they didn’t so much back in the day – we have created a society of female masturbating maniacs! God bless my depraved generation!

They masturbate but they need sex too, just like men. I had a female best friend who used to tell me things like:

Damn, I am so horny these days, I’m just going to have to grab some guy and rape him!

And she masturbated all the time. I would be texting her and she would say:

Excuse me, I’m going to go masturbate.

Can you imagine a woman saying such a thing?!

She’d come back in 45 minutes and say:

Damn, that was good!

On a sex subreddit called Stupid Sluts Club (highly recommended!) a young woman described how she was horny as Hell. She was masturbating all the time, but that wasn’t cutting it, so she started having sex with her female roommate, though she was basically straight.

And while things are changing somewhat, women are sadly not turning into men. Women can still take sex or leave it without a lot of pain or damage.

The sex drive is not so much physical in men, though the physical aspect is undeniable. For instance, a young man who does not ejaculate for a few days starts to experience actual pain in his testicles (blue balls).

Women don’t seem to experience such a thing, though there have been reports of women feeling some sort of a “female blue balls” in their abdomen above the pubic area if they go without orgasm for too long.

But at least back in the day, many women were non-orgasmic or rarely orgasmic. Back then it was ~3

Almost no males are non-orgasmic. There’s virtually no such thing.

Much more important than the physical aspect of sex is the psychological one. A man without sex has a huge hole in his life psychologically and perhaps even more importantly socially. The longer it goes on, the more they deteriorate. We see the logical result of this in the incel phenomenon. The incels are not evil like the cucks and soyboys say. Incel behavior is simply the natural and normal consequence of what happens to large groups of men who are denied sex over a long period.

Many become depressed and withdrawn, quite a few become very angry in a seething sort of way, and a few of those become explosively violent, often resulting in serious massacres. To show it is not a unique Western problem, long-term incel Chinese men have been going on murderous rampages for a long time now, even massacring large numbers of kindergartners!

So, tl/dr: Women love sex but ultimately a lot can take it or leave it. Men have a much more insistent sex drive and cannot take or leave sex. They have to have it and if they don’t, serious psychopathology results.

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10 thoughts on “Game/PUA: Women Deal with Loneliness and Lack of Sex Better Than Men”

  1. Dildos matter! The DM movement gets no media coverage like BLM, but it matters just the same. Catholicism will always attract pedo priests because the second most important human desire after food and water is sex. You can’t have an organization that tries to suppress the most basic of human yearnings and not expect trouble. Stop trying to limit female pleasure America!

    1. I agree. Dildos matter, dammit! Don’t try to get out of it by saying “All sex toys matter” either. That’s bigoted against dildos, no matter how you intended it. Fight anti-dildo discrimination!

      1. I agree. Penetration matters, dammit! Don’t try to get out of it by saying “All sex matters” either. That’s bigoted against penetration, no matter how you intended it. Fight anti-penetration discrimination!

  2. I can tell immediately if a woman is attracted to me. They have a stupid look on their face they can’t control. If I were less eccentric I’d get laid all the time. Women don’t dig intellectual eccentricity unless it has an artistic component. I’m handsome enough I can get away with it sometimes.

    The hierarchy seems to be:

    attracted to you > will fuck you > will date you (e.g. publicly admit to fucking you)

    On a related note, the U.S. Government is wasting millions on this Epstein nonsense. What has the world come to when nuclear superpowers think it’s appropriate to waste time prosecuting rich powerful men for have sex with post-pubescent bitches? Ugh, the pussywhipped West is embarrassing sometimes. I can’t look at Muslims straight in the eye anymore. Sure, they are brown violent savages, but they are still men.

  3. Women have value beyond sex. I’ve seen it in attractive ones. On the other hand, men typically need a reason to look at a woman. A homely girl I went to school with had interesting hobbies, but besides her Dad, no men cared.

  4. True words hardly spoken. I’m a legit 38-year old nice guy and still can’t find a girlfriend.

    Btw, I haven’t commented on your blog since….2015? I noticed your old robertlindsay WordPress domain has been decommissioned, am I right?

    1. True words hardly spoken. I’m a legit 38-year old nice guy and still can’t find a girlfriend.

      Oh man, I’m so sorry! I haven’t necessarily been in that predicament my whole life, but I have definitely had long periods of celibacy and even no dating or no women in my life. It’s so painful. It’s like I was want a woman in my life. If I don’t have a woman in my life, I’m not motivated to do much of anything. It’s like my life force gets sucked right out of me. I don’t know if that makes me a wuss or a pussy beggar. I think I’m just a “woman addict.”

      Yeah, I was banned. I permanently lost a lot of my old posts, too.

      I remember you! You’re great! You’re certainly welcome to stick around.

    2. I seriously don’t believe nice guys can’t get girlfriends. What kind do you want? You might have to settle for a larger one – but some guys like those. Anyway, with more self-confidence, I don’t see why a nice guy cannot even get one mate that’s not desperate or wanting money (mail-order bride etc..).

      However, though, make sure not to throw it away by having a lousy personality – especially regarding lying.

      Now, players amd the like – of course get a lot of women – but I suspect they lead very shallow lives. I don’t think a nice guy would want to be a player – cause it’s trying to be something he’s not. It’s like white people playing black or something.

      Just an opinion.

      1. If he’s goodlooking he might want to be a player. Goodlooking men often have females after them all the time, so the develop a taste for the player life and they often get quite good at it via practice. A goodlooking nice guy will definitely get women after him, especially if he’s not too nice, and hence may get sucked into the addictive player web of compulsive sex and ego engorgement.

        I was a nice guy player, but there is always a disconnect. In some ways you just cannot be too nice of a guy when you live like that. For a while, I was a guilty player, and that’s just retarded. If you feel guilty about being a player, give it up and just get a girlfriend of a wife and stay with her. You don’t have what it takes to be a player, which is frankly in some ways a defective moral conscience and a somewhat ruthless and sociopathic attitude towards women.

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