Game/PUA: Some Very Creepy Truths about Adult-Minor Sex

I work in mental health and I specialize in people who have issues around thoughts about sex with children, etc. I’m an expert and I have people coming to me from all over the world.

First of all, no one is going to believe the facts I state are true. Trust me though: I’m right. All studies were done in the lab and have been repeatedly replicated. In fact, they’ve been replicated so many times that it seems stupid to do them again except morons keep demanding it. I guess we’ll be replicating them until the end of time then.

  1. Men are attracted to teenage girls. 10
  2. So much worse than that is the fact is that not only are straight men turned on by teenage girls who look like women, which is not surprising, but that 90-10
  3. Yep, that’s right. Straight men are even turned on by little girls under 13. In general, most straight men are attracted to them at a fairly low level, less than they are to mature females, but a measurable attraction is definitely there.
  4. So much, much worse than that even is that 2
  5. Not sure if this is shocking, but .1-
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6 thoughts on “Game/PUA: Some Very Creepy Truths about Adult-Minor Sex”

    1. The cucks at SAJRT wrote an article complaining about the horrors of a 15yo girl being “sexualized”, whatever that’s supposed to mean.

      This is the scene. She appears at about 0:02 wearing a cowboy hat. You can barely see anything.

      She showed a lot more in this film which was shot before Bad Boys 2.

    2. Have you read Blanchard’s paper about the supposed maladptiveness of hebephilia in which he tried to use reproductive statistics from the Pume tribe to prove his case? Well, in the Pume the typical age girls start reproducing is about 15 and it’s common practice for men to marry fuck girls about 11-14. The Pume are a perfect example of how adaptive hebephilia can be. He is a fucking idiot. I sent him this email about it. He probably won’t reply.


      Have you told the Pume yet?

      Hello, Dr. Blanchard. I recently read your 2012 paper about the adaptiveness of hebephilia and was struck by the claim that focusing on pubescent girls must be a poor strategy for men in the Pume tribe. I was struck by this because in this tribe all the girls are married off and fucked before the age of 15. I think you should go and tell them that this strategy doesn’t work.

      Now, it gets worse than this. If we look across hunter-gatherer societies the most common age girls are married off is about 14. I think you should go and tell all these societies too.

      Just in case you can’t tell, I’m actually being a little bit sarcastic. We know the strategy of men committing themselves to pubescent girls works fine because we see it working. In order to monopolise a girl’s reproductive lifespan the best age to claim her is just before she reaches reproductive age, and this is exactly what we see happening in primitive foraging societies like we evolved in. The typical age men commit themselves to the girls is several years before they reach reproductive age.

      What those reproductive statistics from the Pume tribe are really telling us is that it’s a bad idea for girls to start reproducing before 14, not that it’s a bad idea for men to marry girls under 14. Good effort, but you got the wrong statistics.


  1. Anything 13+ is a new thing, as marrying that age wasn’t seen as wrong in the past – assuming the age gap wasn’t too much.

  2. I see a lot of women are hypocrites when it comes to wanting younger mates. Often the more a woman hates men’s attraction to younger women, the more they themselves are attracted to younger men or women.

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