America’s (False) Honesty Fetish: A Product of Our Christian Heritage?

We’re all coping all the time. We cope our way through life, lying like fools the whole time, and not caring a whit. Success in life is based on deception, mostly to oneself but also to others.

I like the attitude of the Japanese towards this. If you tell a Japanese men, preferably one over 40, that you never lie, he will laugh right in your face, call you an idiot, and walk away. To the Japanese, nothing is dumber than pathological honestly.

I think America, or Gentile America anyway (not so sure about (((America)))) seems to have a huge honestly fetish. I tell this vignette to Americans all the time, and all I get is cope. I also tell Americans that you have to lie sometimes in life. After that, I get a load more of cope. Usually of the “I cannot tell a lie” bullshit, which is obviously itself a lie. To lie is human. To be pathologically honest, I think one might have to be an actual computer. Sure a computer could be programmed to never lie. The thing’s as dumb as a rock. It only knows whatever we told it. It can’t know anything else.

Of course we could discuss Kant’s Categorical Imperative, but that’s more of a thought exercise than an actual possibility in life.

I think America’s pathological honestly fetish, which probably isn’t even as real as it claims to be because most if not all who claim to be pathologically honest are lying right there, must be down to our Christian heritage. Not Judeo-Christian heritage.

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2 thoughts on “America’s (False) Honesty Fetish: A Product of Our Christian Heritage?”

  1. As someone raised in a secular Jewish atmosphere, I luckily had none of the usual Christian psychological habits ingrained upon the ego-identity of my current incarnation on this Clown Rock.

    Now, I’ve always believed being **generally** truthful is a good thing, and by that I mean being truthful in a manner that takes pragmatic and strategic/tactical concerns into account. In other words, don’t put all your cards on the table shared by those who just might stab you in the back!! Only a complete idiot is up front and transparent to total strangers or potential (or known) enemies.

    The White Protestant behavior of “say what you mean no matter what” always stuck me as a combination of abject foolishness and cuckery. The act of virtue-signalling one’s true opinion on things before a general audience seems to be like a Christian behavior indeed and big especially among Protestants of NW European ancestry. Maybe this is a Germanic trait? Who knows? Other idiotic ideas (IMHO) like Warm Body Democracy and Feminism also seem to stem from this mentality.

    Re: Kant. He was the prototype of all of the “German Autists” who would follow in his footsteps.

  2. Again, as noted in other religious post you made, lying can do massive damage to deep relationships which mean something, not some “modern girl” flirtations.

    It should be avoided with deep relationships as it could kill it slowly over time – leading to something hellish.

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