Christianity Seems to Proscribe Lying, but Judaism Seems to Permit It Guiltlessly

What I’m saying here is that Christian cultures seem to think that lying is a terrible sin and one should always or usually be honest.

In contrast, Hinduism says no such thing and in fact seems to venerate lying as a fine art or even a religious virtue.

The art of lying in Islam when there is a threat to the Muslims is well known.

Sects such as the Druze, the Yezidis, and the Alawi have long prescribed lying if doing so prevents harm to the believers. In general, those religions tend to pretend that they are Muslims. The Alawi actually are Muslims, but a lot of Sunnis don’t buy it. The Druze and Yezidis just say they’re Muslims so they don’t get killed. The Mandeans were much the same.

Of course if you read the Jewish books, this lying for self-preservation is endlessly repeated almost as if it were a ritual in its own right. Jews have always seemed to me to be much more prone to dishonestly than Christians. I’ve long thought that Judaism must allow them to lie with little guilt. If you read Jews Must Live!* (1936) about an Orthodox Jewish family, the entire family engages in such pervasive lying that it causes very serious problems to the point where they could hardly tell when someone was telling the truth or lying and the household is in chaos with much drama, hollering, arguing, fighting, and kvetching most of time.

The latter state simply describes the typical Jewish family. The pathological lying I’m not so sure about. In any case, when you are in a household where people lie so freely and loosely that you can hardly tell when someone is lying or telling the truth, you are truly in an Existential Hell, I would argue. But it’s not that different 2020 Late Capitalist USA, come to think of it, so maybe it’s more livable than I thought.

*Like most all books written by Jews that tell the truth about Jews, of course Jews really hate this book and insist that this man, who wrote a book in part about pathologically lying Jews, is, natch, a pathological liar himself! But you saw that one coming, didn’t you, dear readers?

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2 thoughts on “Christianity Seems to Proscribe Lying, but Judaism Seems to Permit It Guiltlessly”

  1. Honest Nazis, Lying Jews, and Stupid Shabbozo goys.

    Otto Remer says the NS soldiers carried out orders effectively. If they were ordered to liquidate the Jews, it would’ve been done. Not millions of survivors. Soldiers are generally honest but German ones seemed to have more awareness.

    I’ve no doubt a movement that hates Jews will lash out at them.

    I don’t believe in Germany first outside of Germany. That said, Germans are known for their brutal honesty, and Jews are known to be compulsive liars. The Allies’ elite in the West were Jews or owned by Jews. There were some outliers of the Henry Ford variety but they never achieved dominance. The masses of gentile Allies were honest but also naive and brainwashed. Save the world from Hitler at first, but I believe many would regret it if they were independent thinkers.

  2. Lying can do damage to real relationships, not shallow ones mind you, so it should be avoided as much as you can help it. Well, it is highly natural to lie, but a strong relationship requires something super-human.

    Anyway, lying and other sins might be permissible to save a life or something. It’s kind of like where Jesus allowed saving someone’s life on the sabbath. It’s about the law of love taking precedent over the strict enforcement of rules.

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