Why Are Serial Killers So Mean?

It’s because they’ve pushed the mean element present in everyone who isn’t trying to be holy to the max. Plenty of people are not goody two shoes, but they aren’t serial killers. But that’s only because they haven’t peered into their “bad self” enough. But the scary thing is, Who knows when somebody will go deeper into their “bad self?”

Being mean to the max involves domination and self-worship among other things – basic Cluster B personality stuff. However, who’s to say we don’t all have some Cluster B in us? Why should we toss all these behaviors onto, say, White Supremacists for instance, when we all have some of it?

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6 thoughts on “Why Are Serial Killers So Mean?”

  1. Some of the most vile acts by serial killers were done in the name of love. For example, cutting off someone’s head and using their mummified skull as a portable blowjob device seems mean. But Dahmer claimed he loved his victims…for example.

    Some serial killers’ sadism simply poured out of them – Richard Ramirez, who looked like a walking example of Spanish-Aztec Mestizo cruelty. Bobby Joe Long. Ted Bundy.

    But there were those who were truly in love with their victims, and Dahmer seemed to be the worst example – a man who professed his love for those victims into whose intestines he shoved his erect penis.

    A common refrain with the gay serial killers was that they hated being gay. John Wayne Gacy killed gay boys because he hated being gay, and we have all had a heterosexual experience where we used our sex partner simply to have an orgasm – even some of our female posters have done this while drunk, and then thought OMG what did I just do. Virtually every man has slept with a woman he would deny doing so with in order to shoot his load and then tried to get rid of her.

    John Wayne Gacy and some other serial killers felt this way – they hated the fact they were gay, and after they shot their load, they suddenly felt filled with loathing and killed the gay to forget they were homosexuals themselves.

    Charles Manson and Andrew Cunanan seemed to have been the most malicious. There is no suggestion either actually had a problem with women per se, or were driven by ritualistic masturbatory fantasy.

    Rather, they briefly enjoyed success in Hollywood or high society (Cunanan as an escort, Manson as a friend of Dennis Wilson) and were then rejected. As a result, all of their dislike of society came out at once-fueled in part by drugs.

    1. They simply don’t have the right to do that to people – for whatever the motivation. I mean, I could even see torture as some kind of love therapy.

      1. Yes Jason, nobody has the right to sever someone else’s head and take it to their job as a portable blowjob device like Dahmer.

        1. Sometimes hunters creep me out also. I mean, I’m all for gun rights – but what’s the deal with trophies on the wall?

          1. My concern is it’s dysgenic. The animal with the biggest horns would typically be the one procreating in nature instead of being shot. Of course, I’m also against endangered animals being genocided. Old German hunting culture seemed the most ethical.

  2. Funny Jason because I just turned off the TV news having to do with the Golden State Killer. The guy got away the murders and rapes (and it’s believed many ransack burglaries) since the 70’s until DNA finally got him caught. A former cop that knew how to beat police detection methods for a long time.

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