Alt Left: The Black Race and Impulsiveness and Ability to Delay Gratification

RL: “Poor impulse control. It’s been documented and it’s genetic.. 6 year old children. Pure genetics.”

TJF: At age 6, environment could very easily guide one’s behavior. In reference to Alpha’s comment I’d like to see a study with children who have an engaged paternal figure versus those who do not. I’ve seen people dismiss the out of wedlock birthrates among Black Americans comparing the similar out of wedlock birth rates in Iceland and Sweden, but those societies are substantially different (markedly more socialist), and the birth fathers may be heavily engaged, but the parents are not married.

With that said I get the impression that clear consistent guidance is probably even more required / beneficial in Black Americans than Whites (albeit any child would benefit).

It’s been replicated over and over. The first tests were done in the South. They were worried it was environmental, so they took it to the Caribbean. Same result. They didn’t believe the results, so they kept doing the tests over and over. Eventually they had done the tests so many times that they got sick of trying to replicate them and they quit doing them.

You now have to argue that Caribbean Black and US Southern Black culture are the same in producing this odd effect. If it’s cultural, that means they have the same culture. But is that true? Caribbean Black culture is the same as US Black culture? Why would that be? And why doesn’t that play into the “niggers are the same everywhere” argument used by the racists? Also and more importantly, if they’re the same everywhere due to biology or due to culture, what difference does it make? Who cares! You still have a group of people who have problems with delaying gratification, and that’s a problem in a modern society.

Also let us look at this from another POV. One idea is the tests are simply wrong. Does the Black race on average seem to have a harder time delaying gratification than other races? Just look around you at how Black children and adults act. I taught Black kids for years. Of course it’s true, but by the time they are 16-18, most of that behavior is gone because the ones who could not delay gratification are all dropped out, on the streets, in jail or juvey, or probation or parole, or dead.

Look at the behavior of ghetto type Blacks. So much of the pathology seems to be so directly related to this inability to delay gratification. It’s as clear as air.

I’m not some racist out to hate Blacks and write them off as some failed race. At this point in history, I’m not sure how much it matters how they act. We are now in the era of genetic splicing and CRISPr technology. Genetically designed humans may not be too far away. Do we really need to be so concerned about what various races bring to the table genetically?

How about something else? How about a pill? I don’t like the idea of mandating meds for people who are not mentally ill and most pathological Blacks are not disordered at all. They’re not crazy. They’re just bad. We obviously don’t have a morality pill yet (but one can dream!) but suppose we found a pill that let you delay gratification? That enabled you to be less impulsive, which in my opinion is another terrible problem with the Black race.

I don’t see how we can force people to take it, but we could always offer it on a voluntary basis. A lot of Blacks are probably sick and tired of their impulsiveness and inability to delay gratification screwing up their lives. This might be especially true in Black men over 30-35. Maybe they’re angry because they can’t seem to control themselves, and this keeps ruining their lives. Suppose we say, “Here’s a pill to help you be less impulsive so you don’t get into trouble so much.” I think there would be some Blacks, especially Black men, who would gladly take it.

This goes beyond race. Obviously impulsiveness and inability to display gratification are human qualities, not Black qualities. Blacks simply display these all too human qualities in greater percentages. Speaking of pills, we could offer such a pill to anyone of any race who had problems with delayed gratification and impulsiveness. I’m  quite sure there are Whites who  have these problems. And I know there are Hispanics with these problems. IQ does seem to be an attenuating factor. As IQ rises, impulsiveness and inability to delay gratification seem to go down and vice versa.

I had a neighbor Hispanic, a young man who was gang affiliated, who used to hang out over here all the time. Mostly we just smoked pot. He literally could not think beyond one or two days in the future. He would get some money and it would melt in his hands in a day or two, no matter how much. Then he would be standing there dumbfounded, acting like,”Whoa! Where did all the money go? Duhhhh.”

I kept talking to him but he literally could not think beyond 24-48 hours into the future, so it was worthless. I had no idea what his IQ was. Surely in the 80’s.

He sure could rap though. I heard him rap a few times and  the guy was a flat out genius. With an IQ of 85. I’m not sure you need a real high IQ to master verbal memory, which is the skill being utilized in rap.

So these sort of interventions would go beyond being “Black things” into being “human things.”

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14 thoughts on “Alt Left: The Black Race and Impulsiveness and Ability to Delay Gratification”

  1. Honestly, if that were completely true – they would waste all their food money,. Maybe what you mean is “extra money” – money for fun.

  2. My only interest in this subject was the claim that an inability to delay gratification is “purely genetic.” Environment always plays a role in human behavior, and my own view is that there is constant interaction between genes and environment when it comes to behavior.

    Slightly off-topic, someone has made the point that, when it comes to COVID-19, the United States is failing the marshmallow test in front of the whole world.

  3. An obsession with genetics which denies the spirit world. How crafty! What a better tool to fool everyone into “genocide for the betterment of humankind”.

    1. Spirit world?

      Jason, Evangelical regions of the US are synonymous with white poverty unseen anywhere else in the Western world.

      1. Everything’s not about money. Also, as we see with Covid-19 now, this past middle class lifestyle – could be taken away easy.

  4. “We are now in the era of genetic splicing and CRISPr technology. Genetically designed humans may not be too far away. Do we really need to be so concerned about what various races bring to the table genetically? How about something else? How about a pill?”

    I said I was a transhumanist in another post but your said you were not concerned about future technology. But you are I see.

    Many of our societal ills will be cured with forced evolution. Sweden is damn near perfect because it’s homogeneous and racial superior. If we could impart high IQ, high conscientiousness and low impulsivity to every one, skin color would only be an issue for sexual preferences. Problem solved.

    1. Sweden is not perfect because of refugees. It’s a low-intensity warzone of rape and no-go areas even cops don’t want to enter. I was in Sweden as a teenager backpacking, and even 30 years ago in 1990, Turkish neighborhoods were troublesome.

      Swedes have high rates of alcoholism.

      Also, infertility is seemingly a Northern European issue. Sicilian women don’t suffer from it, nor do Spanish, nor Mestizos, nor needless to say Africans.

      One of the problems that African-Americans seem to have is that the young women reach peak fertility early in life and out of step for a techno-industrial society where women are supposed to wait until 30 to have children.

      Scandinavians, on the other hand, have a tremendous problem with infertility. Another problem related to childbirth is that older White women are more likely to give birth to children with Down’s Syndrome than non-White women – we don’t know why. There are very few African or Mediterranean women at infertility clinics with hubby in the restroom trying to beat himself off in order to get his wife pregnant.

      Finally, one race has a high IQ, low impulsivity, is cunning, and all these attributes have turned vile in their hands.

          1. Whites used to be more like Asians, except they’d give a neighbor homemade apple pie instead of eggrolls. Blacks on the other hand will steal your cheap plastic lawn chair. Blacks are always up to no good on my block. Jews are the scorpion riding on the back of a trusting European frog.

      1. Regardless. The Elfin races are doing much better than the world a large. Maybe we can give them fertility pills and warm their cold Nordic wombs.

        1. The homeless are taking firewood from the pile for everybody. The Nordic solution is to have two piles firewood, one for the homeless and one for everybody else.

          1. The way refugees are pouring into Scandinavia and the whites there are simply deciding not to reproduce there will be twigs left in no time.

            Socialism worked in Nordic countries because most people were functional. You had a small number of males who were hopeless drunks who would never reproduce because no Swedish woman wanted to marry some vodka drunk in his filthy bedsit watching hockey all day.

            But refugees have 10 kids.

          2. Too nice for their own good. I have nightmares my I’m a kid and my parents adopt beastly adult refugees. My parents are so kind it’s actually believable. Even if compassionate White and the “me,me, me!” refugee are in agreement on what needs to happen, they are completely different.

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