Christian Moral Puritanism

Sex is fine, even polygamy, but you can’t hurt your partner. Yet so much porn is about calling women sluts, choking them, BDSM – you name it. It’s sinfully fun to be bad, but it’s still, well, a sin.

I think many get the wrong idea that being morally pure is square when it’s not that but instead that someone good simply doesn’t want to hurt their partner.

The society of evil is obsessed with domination and being mean. It’s just natural and the dedicated like those into satanic ritual sacrifices are getting the biggest high from it.

Much of society associates religion with virginity, but that’s great propaganda for keeping people out of churches. Also, the true nature of sex is probably not going to be discussed in church because it’s weird, and it makes the pastor uncomfortable, and maybe they haven’t thought that deeply about it to begin with. But no doubt sexual addiction is a real problem, even among the religious.

Making a Mockery of Sex

So much sex in our society is about doing that, and that would be a “no-no” also. That means public displays of sexuality, but if someone wants a private strip club in their basement with only their married harem, I suppose that’s not wrong.

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