The Elite Obsession with IQ

They’re obsessed with it because they don’t like the common people. It’s as plain as the nose on Pinnochio. Elites like Ted Turner, etc. are sick creeps, and their narcissism, vanity, and arrogance has pushed them toward wanting a final solution, ultimately.

Much is made about how many Cluster-B psychos there are in White Nationalism, but honestly SJW’s or any other elitists aren’t any different.

Does IQ matter?

I don’t think it means much. Again, this is elites expressing their hate for real people.

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One thought on “The Elite Obsession with IQ”

  1. An interesting thought was written here. The pursuit of truth vs acadamia. Sure, you can do both. I actually talk to a # of professional women, some are naturally gifted. But even they are often unexceptional in areas. The quest for truth is probably the road least traveled.

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