Of Course, SJWism is Women Picking on So-Called Weak/Ugly Men, But Never Players

Look at how society is gamed. There’s no push for marriage because our society frowns on it until you’re about 40 – LOL.  Also, there’s no polygamy. It never even occurs to people! So you’d get a bunch of players looking at porn and banging chicks and a lot of nerds banging porn.

It’s simply anti-sexual world we live in. In other words, there’s not any morally acceptable way for a man to express his real sexuality. However, that’s not reality but rather some type of corruption of the actual truth.

There is such a thing as morally weak men, as in sexually so. Of course, there are taboos in sex that are justified. However, Western society demonizes all sex outside of monogamous marriage, and it also wants people to wait along time for monogamous marriage.

Then are we surprised that nerds gawk at SJW women, who then call the cops? Is it surprising that nerds get unjustified rape accusations?

Who Are the players?

These are bad boys practicing illegal polygamy. They’re happy in a sense because at least they’re expressing their true male nature.

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