Liberation Theology – The Real Story

The Bible does speak of economic oppression, but Liberation Theology throws it into hyper-drive. Seriously, if God truly provided, then wouldn’t prayers, etc. make Liberation Theology unnecessary? Well, either God is lying or he isn’t. He said he would provide our needs.

If a whole Latin American nation truly did pray to God, I’d figure all their problems would be gone. Well, the people might not become rich, but they would be happy and content.

Now as for individuals stuck in a Hellish Third World situation surrounded by many that don’t believe, I think they can be pulled out to something better.

Am I Supporting Capitalism?

Nah, no way. I don’t think the Bible espouses Communism, fascism or  anti-people capitalism, and they all have the high potential for evil.

Anyway, there has been a trend in churches known as Prosperity Theology – endorsed by Joel Osteen and the like – but it’s a heresy because considering The Book of Revelations, there isn’t much a future anyhow.

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