Again, the Left Radicals Are in a Bubble, Just Like Their Opponents

They’re defacing and tearing down statutes in big cities. Big deal! Would they do that in the rural South? No chance! They’d get mowed down with shotguns! So where’s the bravery? If they’re the tough heroes they think they are, then why not go to where there’s real opposition?

It would be like Klan people picking on everybody locally but not willing to do it in Harlem.

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3 thoughts on “Again, the Left Radicals Are in a Bubble, Just Like Their Opponents”

  1. The siege on mathematics by the SJW thought police has begun. Now I hate the fucking pigs as much as anybody, but the radical left BLM really is pushing secondary agendas here.

    “Mathematicians urge colleagues to boycott police work in wake of killings”

    “PredPol of Santa Cruz, California, which was co-founded by a mathematician. PredPol provides police departments with software that suggests geographical locations in which crime is likely to happen on any given day on the basis of statistical patterns of previous crime.”

    These BLM idiots won’t admit that blacks are half the problem with policing, and they want to make Police ineffective at stopping crime. One of my biggest problems with cops is they suck at preventing crime. They are only good at beating and shooting suspect ex post facto. Well, statistical models can in practice reduce crime.

  2. It’s almost as if BLM and the police are secretly working together for the same goal now: to show the public why we need more cops. Police walking off the job combined with rioting is terrible. It is Washington Monument Syndrome.

    1. This reminds me of those people who want voluntary school. It’s like, “If they don’t want to learn. Let them go.”.

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