Africa and African Descended Areas: Demon Controlled Hell

I don’t want to be self-righteous and racist and say they’re the only places like that. Nonetheless, this provides an understandable reason why African/African-descended areas are full of poverty, violence, and crime.

I’m making generalizations as I can’t say all US Blacks are in a nightmare situation. Many are doing quite well and are normal.

Rap Music

Listening to this as a Christian, one needs the power of exorcism. It’s that evil! With music this evil, is it no wonder demons have an enslaved the African race?

What is it telling Africans and others? Be a ho, a pimp, indulge in outrageous sexuality. Probably that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Christian Africa

Great strides have been done in Africa, but it’s not been enough.  It’s because as mentioned in the Liberation Theology article, either God provides or he doesn’t. If a place is this Hellish, then there’s some disconnect to the Almighty.

Therefore, I take it that a great many Africans are still pagan, or they simply embrace very weak Christian beliefs.

The African-American Church

There are dedicated holy members, but the faith simply hasn’t taken a hold on enough African-Americans to make Stormfront shut up, or even Fox News.

What About IQ?

Either God provides an abundant  living or he doesn’t.

Plenty of Unbelievers Exist in White/East Asian Nations Too, but Those Places Are Fairly Stable

There could be real differences in African IQ, and rest assured, demonic forces exploit them.

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