Tons of Cultural Left Drones Were Created Because They Weren’t Given an Alternative

Every action has a counter-reaction. Since churches especially haven’t been on the forefront of portraying a message of sane diversity and acceptance, the Cultural Left has taken over.

There is more to it than that. For instance, if some woman becomes a lesbian because of an alcoholic wife-beating father, that wasn’t the fault of the church directly, but it could have made more of an effort.

Now the Cultural Right anti-government types are in an orgy because things have hit the fan. Nonetheless, they’re still massively arrogant, blind to the fact that conservative institutions have promoted the very alienation causing the Cultural Left.

The pride projected from “the superior,” obviously irritates the Other. How can you communicate a message of sane tolerance without being a jerk about it? Why are the conservatives that way? It’s because they get off on being superior.

The Snowflake Thing

While understandable, it’s mostly a distraction from the fact that arrogant conservatives have failed to promote sane tolerance.

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2 thoughts on “Tons of Cultural Left Drones Were Created Because They Weren’t Given an Alternative”

  1. Jason, I was reading a post on facebook criticizing the American far left and the person referred to the Black Book of Communism as a book people should read to understand what the protesters want to do in America. By reading some of the Amazon comments, its seems like the authors overexaggerated the crimes of Communism. I want to know what is your opinion about the book? I am not a fan of Communism, however; I am also not a fan of right wing reactionary politics and economic thought either and they can be just as bad if not worse.

  2. It’s tough to demonize one or the other. I mean, I don’t doubt Hitler did what he did. However, did the Communists do the same? Well, @Robert Lindsay would disagree – or say it was justified murder producing a more just world. However, wouldn’t the right-wing say the same? Of course they do – as Hitler was just “protecting Europe from Communism”, right?

    In other words, everyone is under siege from some threat – so short-term mass destruction is justified.

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