People Screwing and Having Many Babies Is Perfectly Normal

It should motivate the father to work harder. Now, in a minority of trashy guys, there are some who won’t work. That’s despicable. The idea is that the man should go get a blue collar job – something discouraged by the NWO, so they can feed the young-uns.

On the flip-side, what glamorous life have white-collar guys got?  A lot of them haven’t achieved their college dream, and on top of this, they don’t have kids until they’re in their 30s. My brother didn’t even have any until his 40s! Now, he’s no nerd.  He’s just part of the “NWO age”.

Can the Earth handle more people?

They could do some creative things, but the actual plan of the Satanic NWO is simply to kill most of the population – no joke.

Now, they are doing test runs on White and Black Americans via abortion. The next step is the most brutal – targeting the groups eugenicists have always despised.

Why Does the NWO Push Non-White Overpopulation and Homosexuality?

Non-White overpopulation overruns the world, creating the chaos needed for more NWO control, and homosexuality further reduces the population in groups targeted now like White and Black Americans.


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