Disabled Americans Love the Deep State

They simply aren’t going to challenge it because of all the benefits they’re getting. Not only disabled Americans but also African Americans and others.

I remember getting trashed on this forum full of these autistic types, and I mentioned Alex Jones got banned from YouTube. One commented that it was great that he got banned.

My position was that I just simply felt a healthy distrust of government was normal and often good.

To sum it up, autistics and others lead hum-drum lives of doing one or more of the following: watching movies or TV, playing on cellphones, or making hobby forums. Can they get jobs or are they exaggerating their illness?

If China/UN Global Police Took Over the US

LOL, they could care less just as long as nobody is interrupting their routines that I mentioned above.

The Irony

Types like Bill Gates are eugenicists, and certainly what they see as “worthless eaters” are in the extermination line despite the fact they enthusiastically vote in pro-global candidates.

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