The Christian God, As Interpreted by Many, Is a Monster

There’s no doubt about it, and it’s no wonder the followers are often self-righteous and cruel, just like who they worship.

They believe in eternal damnation and in the “humane” end of the spectrum, annihilation (Jehovah’s Witnesses and some other denominations). Whose to say those views are correct? It’s all about interpreting words. Millions of Catholics have believed the Pope is a real entity for thousands of years, but suddenly in the Reformation, a huge number of Christians said, “Hey wait, that’s not the correct interpretation.”

Of course, there are some who believe hell is purgatory, and I think that’s more correct and in line with God’s actual character he claims to possess. People go to prison not to be destroyed, not to be tormented eternally for no reason but to be reformed.

Everyone Thinks They Know It All Regarding Bible Interpretation

I don’t really know what to say about this, except I would want to take an overall examination of the Bible in light of God’s supposed loving character.

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One thought on “The Christian God, As Interpreted by Many, Is a Monster”

  1. Hi jason, cool article. I’m an athiest when it comes to the unloving cruel sky person. But another version is interesting. Hope Robert is doing well. Later

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