Banned on Bible Forum

On the way to being banned on another.

The reason is because they cannot get the fact so many of them are self-righteous blowhards who drive tons of people away from the church toward Satan.

What I am saying is spammy, how else can you say it? Did Jesus say this same spammy thing? He did, all the time! He said the Pharisees were self-indulgent and did not communicate love to the masses, literally closing the gates of heaven to them.

Of course, this is not to condone sin. No way. It’s not turning theology into this fun sport where people are bullied for being different/sinful, while the bigmouths never examine their own sin. They think they do. Didn’t the Pharisees pray all the time?

The fact of the matter is if these people are rescued from Earth, at the least, they’re going to be corrected, as on this Earth, they are totally blind to how annoying they are, all the while thinking they are full of God’s spirit! That’s something!

But They’re Just Having Fun

Fun is not an option for saints. If Stormfronters or Cultural Left wackos want to have a “fun ole day,” have at it! Who could blame them?

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