White Racists: So Low in Number As to Be a Joke

No, I can’t stand White racist bullies. Most people cannot.  However, look at how pathetically low they are in number and how they only seem big in small towns.

However, the importance of the White racist bully myth exists – primarily, again – to feed the love/compassion hoax the globalists are putting out. In fact, it’s such good propaganda that  the globalists are probably funding Stormfront and The Daily Stormer. I don’t know that but you never know!

Of course, racism is grotesque and wrong just like Nancy Pelosi said recently. Seriously though, aside from the backwoods and really disturbing threads on racist sites, where are you going to find it as a real threat?

Removing the Monuments

Ultimately, these Confederate monuments should be removed because they don’t represent the people. A lot of people in the South are Blacks. Nonetheless, history isn’t ready for it. A lot of non-racist White people find it ludicrous. Also, of course this is a project of outside globalist agitators, no doubt about it!

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2 thoughts on “White Racists: So Low in Number As to Be a Joke”

  1. I watched some American Indian group tear a statue down. I think many want Whites out of the History of America. Not just a Confederate issue, Lincoln got defaced too.

    1. Lincoln was a white supremacist. Well, he may have mellowed out after talking to Frederick Douglass who I think encouraged him to use Negro troops.

      Anyway, the BLM etc.. have no respect for America’s heroes – cause they’re all tainted with being racist, which was probably very common then, considering blacks were the slaves – and, of course, Colombus invaded the New World – leading the genocide, though not purposely, of Amerindians.

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