The Jews Are the Nazis!

No, I don’t mean occupying Palestine. Some powerful Jews are basically advocating mass genocide of non-Whites. Well, minus the fact tons of Whites get it also. Let’s not forget that!

Anyway, I wouldn’t doubt if Jews had a huge role exterminating their own people. Anything is possible.

Getting back to the Jewish slaveholder thing,  if Jews were willing to play a big – but not total – role mind you, wouldn’t they also be willing to genocide non-Whites? George Soros, a big world depopulation advocate is a Hungarian Jew!

Jeff Epstein

Well, from what I was reading about his house of horrors in the Virgin Islands, I could see little difference in him and Nazis throwing people in ovens. O.K., Nazis made human lampshades, what did Epstein make? Well, if he was crazy enough to build Babylonian temples for child human sacrifice, let’s say anything’s possible.

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