The Jewish Depopulate Whites Hoax

It’s easy to see why many would come to that conclusion. Well, the globalists have been flooding 1st world nations with Hispanics, Muslims, and encouraging the unrest of Blacks – which is another group (Black slaves) they brought over centuries ago.

I cannot say the globalists are Jewish, at least I think not a majority, and it’s clear their goal to depopulate, as noted in other articles, is not against Whites but them included with most of the world population.

But some will say they can’t carry it out. Well, it’s easy to understand why some would dismiss conspiracy theories of this type as idiots. However, what they want to do has all been written down. The UN is their vehicle. The UN is currently taking over police departments in the US. What more is there to say?

Anyway, I never bought into it before because I assumed the US would always march toward the beat of capitalism, things would always remain the same. In fact, the US economy was booming in 2019. Therefore, drowned in this intoxication, I could not see bad things coming, even though I did some research showing the upswing would lead to a massive bubble in the market.

Think about it. Has this ever happened before? Why would anyone assume the U.S. wouldn’t continue to expand with only occasional 2008 downturns along the way?

The 2008 downturn was nothing like this. This is unprecedented in history.

The Compassion/Love Hoax

Well, I’m not saying what the Cultural Left promotes aren’t good things. However, it’s all trap. So when they’re encouraging anti-racism, racial intermarriage, diversity etc., it’s not out of love. Instead, again, it’s a trap.

Anyway, I’m all for these things in moderation but not as a government mandate, yet that is what the Cultural Left demands.

Pissing in Your Face

The gay/transgender stuff is literally “too much” – more so than the other stuff. This certainly shows the viciousness of the globalist backstabbing.

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3 thoughts on “The Jewish Depopulate Whites Hoax”

  1. Judeophilia is emotional and often comes down to having hot women. The Jew has been pissing on White men for so long most White men have drowned. They attack White families by attacking the White male patriarch. Best thing a healthy society can do is take Jewish power away. Spank the shit out of their latke asses and make them serve their host nations, which tend to be White European.

    1. Much of the power elite isn’t Jewish. In fact, many of the big names – capable of real power, aren’t.

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