The Elites Are Bloodthirsty and Are Both Jewish and Gentile

Given this fact, getting rid of Jews in any form simply doesn’t solve the problem. It does nothing. Is Bill Gates Jewish? How about Warren Buffet? Ted Turner? George Soros is.

The obsession with Jews is coming from the idea that White racists believe that Whites are specifically targeted with depopulation, when actually they’re just the first on the list  before the others.

Stories from the Past

The French Revolution wasn’t made up of Jews. Sure, some of the revolutionaries were, but many weren’t.

Incidentally, the current US rioting is reminiscent of The French Revolution.

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3 thoughts on “The Elites Are Bloodthirsty and Are Both Jewish and Gentile”

  1. Whites are targeted for depopulation-and Asians as well-because their amenable to it.

    They want the graduate degree and the McMansion and the kid who goes to an Ivy League school.

    The underclasses who think with their lizard brain really don’t care about this. They are bored and horny and the rhythms of nature take over.

    When the kid sits around in filthy diapers, when the forty-something parents are weary that their 20 year old daughter had another kid by Shitavius, when the useless whigger father smokes weed all day in his parents basement while the mother of his child is down at the welfare office, when six Mestizo kids sleep in one room of a two-room apartment…Nah, doesn’t bother them.

    And by the way, the Jews don’t reproduce much either. They’re population is shrinking. Except for some weird orthodox sects out in Brooklyn somewhere, their population is dwindling.

    The whites who do have six kids are the poor. Their either the shrinking white urban underclass or the rural poor.

    1. I don’t think they’re thinking with a lizard brain in many instances. They’re just being human, normal. I mean, why has society crammed all this useless degree stuff down people’s throat – when it isn’t even leading to jobs anyway?

      Yeah, there is a sub-group of trashy men among the poor – but to generalize as it being all of them is incorrect.

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