Masks and Lockdown – Tough Luck, People

Some libertarian sites are calling it a slave mask to the 1984 NWO, but honestly, what other option is there? See, that’s the thing. They’re in denial like a drug addict or alcoholic. This macho thing they’re into demands they fight the government. That’s a big reason for the denial.

How can they really fight a curse? Either it’s a curse or bad luck.  It’s just something there like a nuclear radiation spreading through the land.

However, I can understand why they don’t like the elites and why they don’t trust that the elites didn’t pre-plan this (plan-a-demic). But facts are facts and the disease, or some other disease, is here and real.

Case in Point: “Masks are Unbreatheable,” a Libertarian Website Talking Point

Perhaps they are. In fact, they aren’t good for your health, generally, but what other option is there aside from a breathable mask?

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