Building the Foundation for Future Tyranny

Did the NWO fund Hitler? Did it fund the Bolsheviks also? I don’t know but National Socialism for sure provided the backdrop to a world where future generations of Westerners would simply not question anti-racism, even if doing so was moral/logical. Is saying we should improve Latin America and the Arab World and not bring them here racist?


Well, plenty of people have stated it was an inside job, and no doubt it brought about the destruction of individual liberties that have now been put into place with Covid-19. Basically, 9/11 was a Deep state scheme with the “sleeper cell” of Covid-19 waiting to come out 20 some years later.

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One thought on “Building the Foundation for Future Tyranny”

  1. I notice you don’t write about Latin America a lot. I was hoping for Robert to respond to this article but would like your thoughts. I think the issue of inequality in Latin America is very deep. Conservatives like to blame the left and Communism (think Fidel Castro and the current Venezuela government under Maduro) but the situation is more complex. I think this essay does a good job of touching on this issue. The essay is about 25 pages long so it should take you about 30 to 40 minutes to read. I would like your thoughts.

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