Why Many Wouldn’t Vote Republican – Unless it Was to Hang One


Now as noted in other articles, I  see the Cultural Left as leading most into a death trap, considering globalists, who seem to be all Democrats – are into 90 percent Earth depopulation (UN Agenda for 2030).

However, we cannot say an evil force isn’t working thru White Identity Politics also. Even on Religious Right forums, which are fairly non-racist, theoretically, you often see the same old stuff you see on WN sites, but only from a different angle and with softer language.

It’s all White resentment, no doubt about it!

Anyway the article I linked to provides good reasons why Blacks etc. are now Democrats; one big reason – as noted, the Republicans are a party of White blowhards.

Well, read the comment section on the link I provided.  Many of them are quite funny.

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