Slamming Against the Wall of Reality

Didn’t our commentator (formerly @Trash) @The Garbage Man Returns predict something like this?

Without truckloads full of goods, every city collapses into total chaos within 96 hours.

By de-funding or abolishing police, radical leftwing Democrats (“DEMONcrats”) are deliberately pushing their own cities toward collapse and chaos so they can then blame Trump for all the problems they caused themselves.

Every city in America collapses into chaos inside of 96 hours if the trucks stop rolling. Grocery stores, for example, only stock enough food for about 2-3 days of normal grocery shopping. Once the deliveries cease, the sudden increase in purchasing from the locals will wipe out grocery store shelves in less than 24 hours.

If you thought the George Floyd riots were bad, that was just a tiny taste of what you’ll see once deliveries of food, fuel, medicine, and consumer goods are halted.

It also begs the question: Who will be stupid enough to drive trucks full of goods into leftwing cities that have collapsed into chaos and “warlord” autonomous zones where police are banned?

Nobody, of course.

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5 thoughts on “Slamming Against the Wall of Reality”

  1. Very much high treason. Only in America! The extent to which a large number of Americans have been allowed to openly challenge the authority and might of the American State in the very middle of a catastrophe of sorts and still get away with it is very, very shocking!

  2. 1) What should authorities do? Mount a Tianamen Square assault with tanks? The US is fundamentally a democracy and Republic which means that people won’t go quietly into the night and whites who control the food supply might turn Kulak on the government.

    2) The protesters will not enter the suburbs. They are themselves aware of all the rifles and shotguns by experienced deer hunters and the fact that it is hard to maintain a supply chain from cities to suburbs. They can loot downtown and tear down some statues. Deface some museums. Come to the suburbs? That’s when the shotguns and SKS rifles and C-4 comes out of the basement.

    3) The looters are poor anyhow. They cannot afford a sustained economic resistance. Not without money and supplies from China or Russia or Saudi. None of whom want any part of it because their own currency is tied to the dollar.

    4) Many police and soldiers are tired of the 1 percent themselves. They’re tired of their 30 year old daughter living at home because she cannot pay off her college loans. They’re tired of the one percent throwing them table scraps. They themselves feel exploited. Would any Wall Street billionaire want them to date their daughter? Cops and soldiers are starting to kneel themselves.

    5) There was resistance in the Southwest. The Hispanics shot a man who tried to deface a conquistador’s statue. They won’t have any of their white heroes trashed.

    1. 5) There was resistance in the Southwest. The Hispanics shot a man who tried to deface a conquistador’s statue. They won’t have any of their white heroes trashed.

      I’m absolutely certain that those men defending that statue were Whites, either White Hispanics are just regular Whites. I saw photos of them and they looked pretty damn White. Those conquistadors are not the heroes of any Hispanic person other than some White Hispanics. But people like that are often fascist Catholics who still revere things like the Inquisition. They’re also very anti-Semitic and extremely racist, mostly against Blacks but to a lesser extent against Indians too.

      1. Most Mestizo Mexicans take pride in Aztec warriors instead. Some Mexicans I’ve met have a very White spirit and acted Whiter than most North American Whites. The Spanish in Mexico are very White friendly and the men are popular with women because they are generally taller there. Spanish women there also like North American White men. They wanted me to know they were Spanish and didn’t blame Whites like me for border troubles. They said most the trigger pulling on the border was Mexican-Americans. Polite racism to make feel welcome.

      2. According to Protestant theologan Meyfurt Protestant Germans were the most relentless in torture. The Inquisition was barbarous in the worst way as well. Catholics were probably more anti-semetic. I truly don’t trust big Jews, they’ve turned on their greatest allies. That said, no one deserves to be tortured in the worst ways. People always talk about torturing child-molesters and I tell them I’m against that. Lest we become sadistic monsters ourselves.

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