Why Cultural Liberals Are Phonies and Backstabbers of the Worst Caliber

It doesn’t take much research to see the very people kissing the asses of non-Whites, gays, bullied kids in school, trannies, etc. want to genocide most non-Whites and also most Whites.

Is it no coincidence that the Democrats are all in bed with Bill Gates/Rockefeller/Ted Turner type globalists?

Why Can’t Non-Whites See the Scam?

It’s because they’re intoxicated with free goodies and a race war.  Cultural liberals have put on a good PR campaign, while conservative groups just seem like “honkies” or something.

What Have These Globalists Really Done in Low-income Areas?

They’ve doused them with toxic food, given them starvation incomes – which oddly enough make them fat – so actually, they’re poisoning incomes. They’re incomes where they can wallow around until they fall over but not enough to make anything in life.

And if any non-Whites are depressed, they can turn on the widely-available Internet and TV to see the “propaganda non-Whites” living in Hollywood.

Any globalists supporting Republicans?

I don’t know many.  The big names are all big-time Democrats.  However, that’s not saying Republicans aren’t in the scam to a degree, probably.

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One thought on “Why Cultural Liberals Are Phonies and Backstabbers of the Worst Caliber”

  1. Conservatives in Hollywood are outcasts. Clint Eastwood, James Woods, and Chuck(tree stump in Anglo-Norman) Norris. On a the grand scale conservatives are in on it. The Presidential Bush family is more influential than many Dem. families.

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