Trash’s Journeys to Return of Kings and Unz

Trashman Returns: Roosh V readers and even Roosh himself read this site.

What? Roosh V and even Roosh himself read my site?

Trashman Returns: But I was often called a “cuck” and “a shill”.

You’re not a cuck.

Trashman Returns: I moved on to an Alt Right site. But here I was called a Leftwing Libertarian-and I’m not Libertarian.

Unz. You’re not a Libertarian. I actually think you are Alternative Left! Maybe the liberal version and not the Leftist one.

Trashman Returns: When I pointed out the harm of neoliberal markets I was accused of being a shill and cuck and all the usual tedious Gen Z tags.

You’re a cuck if you’re against turbo-capitalism? How many times does capitalism have fall on its face before people wise up? Some people never learn.

Trashman Returns: Back came the response from one Unz Poster “Do you realize how f***ing gay that sounds, boss?”

Oh, you were on Unz. So many terrible rightwingers on there. We certainly don’t think being against neoliberalism is gay! We are conservative liberals and leftists, if that makes any sense. We are the Conservative Left! Rather conservative on social issues, but more left on economics and most everything else. In between the Cultural Left and the Republican social conservatives on social stuff.

Trashman Returns: Meanwhile, on RETURN OF KINGS, commentator’s wanted to tell me how “Alpha” they were and what a “Soyboy” I was.

Toxic masculinity. I hate that phrase, but that’s Roosh’s sites, sorry. Hell that’s all PUA sites. I am trying to get away from that here and create a PUA site for ordinary guys.

You’re not a soyboy? You’re for the men, right? Bros before hos! You’re against the manhating Feminist Enemy and you are with your brothers in solidarity against them. Ok, you’re not a soy or a cuck then. The soys and cucks are the male feminists and other fags who have taken up arms against their brothers by lining up with the feminists who wish our destruction.

PS I’m not against gay men here. Gay men are for the men! I usually call straight men gay. Almost all straight men nowadays are male feminists fags. The male feminists who are working against the men to ruin our jobs and careers and put most of us in jail or prison (the goal of modern feminism) – those are the guys that I call cucks, soyboys, fags, wussies, girlymen, etc. I just call them that to humiliate them and attack their masculinity for lining up with the enemy against their brothers. I do this to shame them away from their gay anti-male tactics. Also, if you’re with the women and against the men, you’re not much of a man. You’re a pathetic wuss, a girlyman.

No real man is for the women and against the men. If that’s you, then you’re a fag.

People like Jason think I am against feminine men but I’m really not. I don’t care how masculine or feminine any man is. Hell, a lot of people used to think I was gay! And I’m a pretty soft guy myself and it’s caused me problems with women my whole damned life. I don’t care how masculine you are! You want to be a wimp, knock yourself out, man! I think straight effeminate men are bizarre. Why don’t you just go gay if you’re going to act like that? I’m not against effeminate gay men either. Cats meow, dogs bark, and gay men are effeminate. I dislike effeminate behavior in men, but I understand that it’s normal for gay men to be this way.

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25 thoughts on “Trash’s Journeys to Return of Kings and Unz”

  1. SIR

    1) Robert Lindsey dates-or has-attractive younger women. This in itself deifies him to the ROK crowd. I’m more interested in your economic and political theorem than the fact that you probably got as much sex as Elvis Presley in your time, but thirsty males on ROK would rate that as 3 of the 5 reasons Robert Lindsey is a sage. There was also your coverage of the awful Delphi case, which led the online community to say “What is this world coming to?”

    2) ROK is like Playboy once was. Good articles by up and coming satirists and political commentators, but ruined by thirsty males. You’ll be in the middle of a discussing about a salient topic and some raging Eliott Rodger type will start cluttering up the commentary with furious missives about how he is going to shoot up a massage parlor because all the women in his city are c@@ts.

    3) I cannot understand the rural white prole mentality about neoliberalism. At the point when we are all living in tents on the sidewalks of San Francisco? But when I have brought it up, back comes the suggestion that I drink soy milk while inviting other men over to have sex with my spouse.

    4) Unz has some good articles as well. I don’t rate them as highly as yours, but they represent a wide point of view. But the childish racial slurs in the commentary really negate this. When I pointed out that using the old N word reflects on the poster, I get the usual response that I am gay.

    5) I actually think Robert Lindsey shares my view of gays and lesbians, which is more medical and social than anything else. Dykes batter their partners. Its a statistic. George Michael is a poster boy for why gays have a short lifespan. Apart from singing some catchy songs, the man was a fiend. He failed to inform his female partners that his Brazilian lover had died of AIDS up to the point that he was busted working an LA Glory Hole. His life’s mission was too get high out of his mind and then turn public restrooms into mini sex clubs. Like many gays, he discovered chem-sex and became so addicted to crack cocaine that he had to smoke 25 joints a day just to level out. Versace was similarly deified. The truth was that Versace contracted AIDS from male prostitutes-his obsession. He gave AIDS to one of them-or at least Cunanan believed this. Gay icons so often become poster boys themselves that they don’t need bad press. And no amount of good press can hide the medical stats-sodomizing male prostitutes non-stop will result in tainted blood pathogens giving you AIDS. Its not even a gay thing, because occasionally male porn performers contract AIDS from performing anal sex with women.

    6. Things reached a head with the Epstein case. When I suggested that the Epstein case was simply the result of capitalism’s worst exploitation, back came the responses “These little sluts deserved it and they are all attention whores who want men to look at them on Instagram!”. When I tried to point out that when an entire homeroom of high school girls is prostituting its a symptom of Western capitalist exploitation by a hedge-fund manager who only became wealthy because he came of age as the markets were deregulated, back comes the usual criticisms of the victims as little whores.

    A few Robert Lindsey posters recognized me on this forums. One was Chinese. I pointed out to the Chinese poster that in order to wage a war with China the US would have to BORROW money from China. This provoked a bad reaction from the ex-military. One thing about the Alt-Right is that they don’t want to acknowledge what a disaster 20 years of wars for fun and profit in the ME have been on the US economy.

    7. The Alt-Right reacts badly dishonoring the hallowed memory of George Bush. When they criticize Obama and I point out that the man spent 2 terms dealing with the damage Bush did and came into office during the Great Recession, the reaction is bad on Unz from Bush voters.

    8. Also, although most don’t care for (THEM) they are always quoting Ayn Rand.

    1. The far or alt-right wouldn’t deny US involvement in ME is a fools errand. Many shit on or lump all ME people as “sand-niggers”. Roberts understanding of the Middle East is a strong point of his, which exceeds many other scholars.

        1. 60 lines a day, Trash. You’ve said enough for today. 60 more lines starting an hour from now, ok?

    2. @TRASHMAN The wars in ME were a travesty.

      5 & 6) Capitalism hasn’t caused this moral depravity. I blame it on the Cultural Left’s (futile) divorce from theology. People need religion — something, anything — or they turn into Sodom and Gomorrah unless they are intelligent and see why it’s a bad idea to binge on lust and sloth.

      7) Not Bushes fault either. It goes further than that and a bipartisan effort. It wasn’t deregulation either. It was a chain of bad decisions that eventually blew up. It was SJW-style lending practices trying to rectify the evils of “racism” that ultimately led to 2008. It wasn’t Black people’s fault either. The government forced banks to lower lending standards and interest rates to minorities with poor credit. Eventually they realized if the poor can borrow at low rates, wealthier Whites could borrow for 2nd and 3rd investment properties cheaply also. And then all hell broke loose. The financial technology involved wasn’t new.

      I know you Alt Left guys are big on gov & regs. But the current way it’s done is an abomination! Bureaucrats are never held responsible for the horrors they commit. The market is near impossible to regulate. It’s not a fucking car engine you can easily tinker with. I don’t have solution but academics should stop worrying about trans discrimination and conduct experiments on how to properly govern a modern world.

      At the core, I’m not against regulation. I just don’t believe we know how to do it. So doing nothing is simply better. One potential solution is proper civic education. Maybe if people were indoctrinated to keep a close watch on government agencies like they are doing to cops now we’d see better though-out policies.

      8) Yes. This is very annoying. I like Rand but still.

      1. 8) …The problem with the Alt Left and Right is that they don’t have much academic support. To quote Ayn Rand “there is no intellectual leadership on the Right.” Non on the Alternatives either regrettably.

      2. Yeah you’re not supposed to argue for your super-Libertarianism on here, Claudius. I just don’t allow it. Just talk about something else. You know about a million things and this is just one of them.

        We don’t believe in (7) here either, ok. Kindly don’t bring it up.

        1. The market has been neoliberal since Reagan began showing signs of senility.

          What has it done for the US except create internal third worlds?

          I’m curious where Libertarians believe it should end? When everyone is in a tend on the San Francisco sidewalk destroying the remaining small businesses by having to take a dump on the sidewalk?

          Same with Bush supporters.

          Look at the US before the year 2000 and afterwards.

        2. I was arguing against Libertarianism actually. There’s the belief that have either regulation or no regulation which forces people into two camps. But that’s false. There is such a thing as acceptable regulation even if it isn’t the most economically efficient one in capitalist terms.

          1. I support proper regulation. I’ve always said the state should say to these regulation-haters to show it where these lousy regulations are that they speak of. The state will go look at them and see if they can be eliminated safely. All this stuff was put in for the protection of competing businesses, crime prevention, health and safety of workers, protection of surrounding community and environment, protection of consumers. You know, a bunch of horrible things like that.

      3. 5 and 6

        Doubtlessly that is why it is poor trailer park white girls going to service rich Jews in mansions and not rich Jewish high school girls in Bronx Science High School rushing off to service rich Gentiles like Bill Gates.

        Because when it comes to selling your virginity for $200 raw capitalism has nothing to do with anything.

        Same with the homeless who have to endure some lousy sermon to get their soup down at the church soup kitchen…even though many of them are employed.

        We don’t see that in Australia or Norway…because they’re so religious.

        The poorest people-white ones at least-are the evangelical Christians. The Bible Belt is synonymous with white poverty.

        But again, its all theological.


        Yep, the reason the US had no deficit when Clinton left office was no fault of George Bush. Those wars for profit and oil ended up with Dubai nearly buying US ports and oil prices through the roof by 2007.

        I think Trump-a businessman after all-saw better than Pompeo what a war with Iran would mean when they blocked the straits of Hormuz and oil went up to a gazillion a barrel.


        Civic education? Look at the looters and rioters, who seem to express the under-30 regard for civics. Lesson one-only takes one brick to make that window drop. Lesson 2-when Wall Street ignores your tents and laughs at you as they walk past your peaceful occupation…burn buildings and businesses. In a way, that works.

        It will probably end with Chauvin and McMichaels down in Georgia getting horribly mistreated in prison for the next 30 years or whatever remains of their lives.

        As for cops, all you have to do is deduct law suits from police pensions…police excessive force will go down 500%.

        I’m sympathetic to the police. They are dealing with massive thugs who are 6’6 and 300 pounds and panic and use excessive force.

        8) The funny thing about sites like Unz is that the White Nationalists always end up quoting some Jew! They’ll spend an hour going on and on about (THEIR) harmful mass media and print influence and then end this with a quote from some Jewish pundit. Ah. let’s face it. The whites who get it the worst cannot really even summon up the intellectualism to produce vast pundits. Kevin McDonald is about the closest.

        1. 5 and 6) I’m not only taking about just individuals needing religion. I’m taking about the major institutions of society promoting religion, and using theology in their academic investigations.
          I believe that state and schools should encourage people to be religious rather then tell them homosexuals are perfectly fine or that transsexualism is real.

          Evangelicals, Jews, and observant people in general will always exists. These people are often crazy or poor (Bible Belt Evangelicals) or a marginalized minority (Druze). They’ll be religious nuts whether they live in a theocracy or a secular society.

          But really, everyone always has a religion. The masses always default to the State religion or moral code unless they are the said religious nuts who’ll seek out their own cult or idiosyncratic sect. The current default religion is secular atheism and faggot worship.

        2. 7) What does the rioting have to do with civic education? That’s not civic education. Not even remotely. I don’t get your argument.

          I’m suggesting people be sat down at school and talk the organizational structure of their state and federal agencies. Their budgets. Who the top bureaucrats are. Personnel size. How to submit policy inquiries. How to submit policy requests. Freedom of information acts. Schools should respectfully dox all the top government employees at every alphabet-soup agency.

          Kids should know their congressional district numbers and state and local representatives by name instead of reading To Kill a Mockingbird or the diaries of Anne Frank seventeen times.

          Every semester schools should state what the agency’s policy goal is and what it claims the outcome will be. Then schools should review the actually outcomes with students to see how they held up.

          Yes, holding government employees financially liable would make a huge difference.

          1. I agree, but I think there is a pervasive cynicism towards government. The idea that lobbyists and the 1 percent own it lock, stock and two greased barrels and that state reps are in the game merely for pork barrel funds.

            Kids don’t intrinsically believe they live in a democracy. They inherently sense that the one percent doesn’t care about them.

            The fact that not one of them could name a state governor or representative in the House merely reflects the pessimism of a dwindling middle-class. They have no stake in the government, it doesn’t care about them, exists only to protect the likes of Epstein.

            Nothing against police, but in the past they were more about protecting and serving. The last thirty years, it has become obvious that they are interested in guarded the capitol of the one percent.

          2. Teachers should force this education down student’s throats precisely because humans are inherently apathetic. If they can force other indoctrination anti-Western and anti-American nonsense, they can teach them this.

          3. The 1% just want to fuck and sacrifice most kids.

            I’d prefer to go back to a time when kids pledged allegiance and meant it. No kids on milk cartons, a place as White and safe as the milk therein. Before isms were even a thing. The attractive teachers’ free-flowing hair and supple breasts gently blowing free in the wind alongside the flag. No thought is a crime. The true crime is not thinking.


    On Unz, I could not help remarking that our purported European saviors were an unimpressive bunch.

    Richard Spencer was a professional student. The man was in his mid-thirties and still in college when he decided to drop out to become the spokesperson for the European race. His wife filed a restraining order against him.

    Milo is a Jewish homosexual who french kisses his boyfriend in public.

    Tommy the Brit is an ex-con football hooligan type.

    Anglin was a self-harming Emo who never held a job and could not even get through two semesters of college.

    And these heroes will be the leaders of the Great White Ethnostate?

    Sorry, but think that when you gave them a country to run it would look worse than Liberia. It be the last place I wanted to immigrate to.

    However, the Alt-Right was not pleased with my observation.

    1. Spencer was a good student passionate about what he was learning. He has a better understanding of your native German tongue than you do. He sounds gay, ironically when saying faggot, but is not. Whites could use more pro-White academic types and less of the prole types still at an elementary level. Being a lifelong student is the ideal.

      1. POLAR BEAR

        Pledge allegiance to what?

        A country that has been in ME wars for 20 years?

        Where all the money goes to Military Spending?

        Where the manufacture is outsourced to some country we may go to war with in the South China Sea?

        A country where cities are looted and burned?

        Where some Presidential Candidate calls the population deplorables and then wants those same rural white impoverished kids to volunteer for the next stupid war in Ukraine?

        Where the infrastructure is so bad that major cities are collapsing because the one percent won’t even allow enough money for that?

        For the joy of a zero sum game?

        What are young people supposed to love right now?

        Sure, the US is not as Bngladesh.

        But it isn’t as good as Australia either.

  3. Soft straight guys or gays – are just more “propaganda types” for the globalists – much like those non-whites maybe promoted unfairly, given massive hype in Hollywood movies etc…

    But the real question is “Has this propaganda improved lives for the huge poor non-white population?”

    Well, it has at least made things fair – as they’re isn’t Jim Crow and the like – BUT they’re still poor and massively oppressed in other ways.

    All in all, and it’s been written down, globalists like The Rockerfellers, Ted Turner, Bill Gates are on record wanting a reduced population – and it’s foolish to say they’re going to get it without genocide – of which most of it has to be non-white.

    So what’s the point of cultural liberal compassion? It’s only to drive them into slaughter.

    1. Men are manly or effeminate, straight or gay. That’s reality. Getting non-Whites pissed at Whites will not help matters. The propaganda may be to divide. “White man did this to Blacks. Get angry Black, feel guilty White man.”.

    2. Sure as hell, ain’t oppressed in that part of the world to which I happen to belong. Of course, becoming a full-fledged criminal has its own cons.

  4. Roosh V believes in the Bill Gates Covid-19 conspiracy.

    As a Libertarian, I hate neoliberalism although my antidote is even more turbo-capitalism as you call it. I think Bitcoin can really help move the world away from neoliberal nonsense. Also, it can help prevent these massive economic crashes, which I blame on central banks more so than private industry.

    Many non-Western countries are banning or restricting Bitcoin or considering to. This is really telling. They fear it’s true power. A true transnational cryptocurrency has all the benefits of bullion and paper money combined with a few of the draw backs. All the banks around the world are leeches. Bitcoin can make them behave.

    I don’t think Bitcoin can address the issue of relative income inequality though. But why is that an issue? Absolute poverty is disappearing. And with work-from-home and the internet, people can move out of expensive shack-sized apartments in urban centers and buy a house in the burbs.

    I like Slavoj Zizek’s idea that capitalism and socialism as conceived may be outdated terms. The capitalist countries no longer function in a capitalist way. I love Libertarian ideals but they are outdated also albeit more morally righteous than neoconservative, neoliberal, or Cultural Left values for sure.

    The Cultural Left is an adolescent abomination — zero maturity in the thinking and dialectic. Neolibism and neoconism are both Frankenstein policy monsters with uneven parts of all the prior -isms, including capitalism, communism and socialism. Marxism, Libertarianism, especially AnCap, are more like bets by overly educated thinkers on which anarchist utopia will eventually manifest. But there exist many anarchist visions on that spectrum with varying degrees of collective ownership.

    I’m rooting for the most amount of deregulation and decentralization possible, mostly because I don’t trust bureaucrats to do the right thing. I don’t fear politicians that much though. Is the Alternative Left hell-bent on government control at the national and international level? Can’t we keep it more at the municipality level to prevent inefficiencies and ethnic tensions, e.g. Whites here paying for Blacks there?

    This is were Libertarian thought fails. It does suggest local control but it doesn’t account for the fact that people have an urge to form big governments, big markets and other collectives. I think both the Alt Left and Right are actually trying to come up with pragmatic solutions to these problems that the neo-isms couldn’t and Libertarinism and Marxism don’t recognize as valid questions.

    1. Please, no arguing against income inequality or that capitalism or whatever is making it passe.

      Also no arguing ban the Fed recessions are all the fault of central banking. Even the monetarist (well, there was one good thing about him) Milton Friedman disagrees with that.

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