Alt Left: Clearing Up Some COVID Misconceptions

CLAVDIVS AMERICANVS: Some flu seasons have been as deadly as Covid-19 in recent times.

No they haven’t! The deadliest one was in 1959 with 116,000 and we just beat that one. 1959 was a catastrophic year. Last year the flu killed 14,000 people over a whole year. We are eight times that in only three months. So the death toll is 24X worse than last year’s flu season. Before the 1959 pandemic, I have no idea, but the 1918 pandemic killed 500,000 Americans.

CLAVDIVS AMERICANVS: It’s not the plague the media sold us. It is dangerous; about 2-3x deadlier than the average flu season.

No, latest chart I saw on IFR or Infection Fatality Rate was .7. That’s funny seven times more deadly than the flu. When was the last time you heard of anyone dying from the flu? How many deaths have you heard of from COVID? I’ve heard of lots.

CLAVDIVS AMERICANVS: If it weren’t for the novelty and the fact that it came from China, nobody would have batted an eyelash.

I don’t agree with that at all. Do you care if you get it? Why don’t you go out and get infected and then come back and tell us how harmless it is?

I don’t trust NYC’s numbers. Many hospitals are under a perverse incentive to claim a death as Covid-19 related if the patient tested positive even though they may have died of something else, Covid-19 infection being totally incidental.

I don’t think that false positives are a problem. If anything, New York’s toll is quite a bit higher than it’s figures, 30

By the way, readers are allowed to take a COVID skeptic stance on here. I won’t ban on that. It’s not that important.

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6 thoughts on “Alt Left: Clearing Up Some COVID Misconceptions”

  1. Half of the deaths in nursing homes – because they’re being murdered with other diseases – or outright murdered!

    1. Four times worse than the flu. Actually much more than that because the flu’s mortality under 70 is probably less than .1, not .01. An

      what do you think of this paper (released 7 june) claiming the IFR ranges from 0.00%-0.23%, with a median of 0.04% for people under 70?


      what do you think of this paper (released 7 june) claiming the IFR ranges from 0.00%-2.3%, with a median of 0.4% for people under 70?

      2.3% is awful high and even the under 70 figure is four times worse than the flu and probably even more than that.

      Also, my Mom is 87 years old. Not keen on seeing her killed by this virus.

      Have you heard about what people who catch this disease are experiencing? Even young, healthy people with no pre-existing conditions. All you guys who say this disease is no big deal. Tell you what. You go out there and catch this disease, and then get back to me on what it’s like, ok?

      1. Seems like some have no symptoms and others need lung transplants. Even a 21 year old needed new lungs.

        Seeing more Blacks without masks on public transportation. Some make it a race issue and feel Blacks are being singled out.

        Older White men are sick of the whole thing but follow the rules in the end. These first two groups are frustrated as hell.

        I’m by a screener at work and outbursts from them both are frequent.

        Women and Asians follow rules without question.

        White Women agitate people being screened more. Some White women are socially retarded. I think they often work from home and seem spoiled by the West typically.

        Asians are polite to a fault, and they get walked on by anyone spicier than Ned Flanders.

        Mexicans are not as concerned but follow the rules, they’ll look around and put a mask on for the other passengers’ sake.

        My mom has heart issues and is very worried. I agree with you on this. Once deniers are on respirators and bed pans they’ll be singing a different toon.

  2. I don’t know what the true fatal rate is. It doesn’t seem to be 7x greater than the flu at all because the numbers from democrat cities are probably bogus. The majority of Covid-19 fatalities have come from Democrat states. So either Democrats are incompetent when it cums to public health or they are liars. Probably the latter.

    A different but related issue: What is worse, to destroy the economy and people’s lives, or accept that many elderly people may die sooner rather than later? This isn’t a rhetorical question. It’s a question we must answer now. Because if we wait a little longer, the economic disaster will hurt more people than Covid-19.

    Locking people won’t make the virus go away. We need herd immunity for that to happen or a vaccine. Can we develop a safe vaccine before we destroy the economy? The economy is what feeds people not authoritarian policy.

  3. I hope the best for your mother. My parents are elderly as well and my mother has asthma. I have skin in the game too. I just have little faith in the government to do what’s right and prudent.

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