Destabilize, Then Kill

No doubt the Third World migrations were not encouraged by lovers of diversity. Again, as with Black ass-kissing, this is just a trap into the Auschwitz showers.

Honestly, how do technocrats really feel about humble little Mexicans or Muslim immigrants? You can examine the history of Bill Gates, Ted Turner, etc. What would make you think that these eugenicist, anti-human advocates would give a flying crap about human rights?

Violins at the Showers

In those Holocaust movies I watched in school, they were playing soothing music to lure the prey to their deaths, maybe violins or some loud speaker. The idea was this is just a soothing shower.  It’s funny how they could have trusted them, considering how brutal they were to them otherwise.

Anyway, the trick of so-called Cultural Marxist propaganda is a billion times more sneaky. It involves a situation where every word taken against the future slaughtered cattle is highly censored to make sure we don’t hurt their feelings even to the point where it’s ludicrous, case in point: HBO banning Gone with the Wind.

Some Current Proof They Want to Kill the Undesirables

Look at abortion since Roe vs Wade and who’s getting aborted in percentages.

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