Who Takes the MRNA Vaccine First? Guess Who?


A friend texted me a short message this morning. “You called it!” That’s because just a few days after I said the COVID-19 vaccine would be used to target Black people with a depopulation “kill switch” injection, Melinda Gates came right out and stated that the new vaccines should be administered with a priority preference for “people of color” (See source below).

Right from the start, it’s a bigoted assertion. If vaccines are safe and effective, then Melinda Gates is essentially saying, “White lives don’t matter.” But if vaccines are risky and dangerous — which this new covid-19 vaccine is almost certain to be — she’s essentially saying it’s okay to run medical experiments on Black Americans to find out what happens.

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2 thoughts on “Who Takes the MRNA Vaccine First? Guess Who?”

  1. I can see them experimenting on the public. I don’t see them targeing Blacks for population control. That time has passed. Nigerians are set to have a greater population than America.

    1. You would believe it – if you knew more about it. Also, the blacks are the just the first, before they go for the others.

      Nigeria won’t have a large population once the liberal globalists are done.

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