George Floyd Death – Faked?

These videos appear to reinforce the idea that the George Floyd incident was, if not entirely falsified, most definitely planned and rigged in advance. It is already confirmed that the Obama Foundation was tweeting about George Floyd more than a week before he is claimed to have died. Obviously, since Barack Obama doesn’t own a time machine, the only way the Obama Foundation could have tweeted about George Floyd a week before his death is it the entire event was planned in advanced.


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4 thoughts on “George Floyd Death – Faked?”

  1. Haven’t looked into this particular case. I do believe a high percentage of incidents were staged while Obama was in office. The youtube videos were often convincing. This was a game changing event. After Jussie Smollett tried to fake a hate crime, I figured they’d do a less sloppy job for damage control. Their Kabbalistic spirituality requires they tell us in advance, so if true, it’s at least a red flag.

  2. Never mentioned Trayvon. The staged narrative was gun control. An alleged grieving father and actor that apeared on cereal commercials just wants gun control. You don’t have to be a tin foiler to question it. Blacks also have a lot of uberflabs. The big build is a double edge sword.

  3. Seeing a lot of holes in this theory. I believe the EMT uniforms Minneapolis are brown shirts. Cop is not the Cash Cab guy. So far claims are false.

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