Why do people hate Christians?

Well, often it’s justified. It’s because the Christians have not dealt with secret sins, and in fact, Christianity comes across as self-righteous.

A huge entry into this is politics. If Christians get involved in politics, they often become highly obnoxious, as bad as SJW’s.

Anyway, this obnoxiousness obviously turns away “sinners in need of help” because the fake Christians seem unloving.  If a gay person is confronted with a smirking smarty-pants saying “Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve,” what is he to think? Also, if some Black guy hears “Welfare people need to work,” how is he to take this considering his upbringing in the Black environment?

All in all, Identity Politics totally alienates anyone outside their particular bubble. The stuff in ethnic churches – including White ones- simply comes across as “ethnic”.

The Overblown Loudspeaker on Social Media

From certain people it seems sweet and sincere – but as noted, there is so much identity politics thrown in it – that you can’t separate the religion from the identity politics.

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