The Root of Jewish Evil

If the Talmud is simply teaching that you can be good through your own power, then it’s not surprising that so many Jews are evil. It would be just like everyone else. Lots of people think they can overcome evil with their own power. This is nothing but Satanism which states man can determine good and evil on his own. In the Book of Genesis, Satan specifically said that to Adam and Eve.

This makes sense, as people determining what is good and evil on their own is highly subjective,but this isn’t about “beauty in the eye of the beholder” – we’re talking about moral justice.

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One thought on “The Root of Jewish Evil”

  1. Been working with an Israeli and I’m very impressed. It’s like she’s beautiful and doesn’t know it, so she’s very sweet. I’vee been impressed with American Jew intelligence but Israeli sweetness bests this. I support Europe and Palestine over Jews more for ideological reasons. If I went by my personal experience I’d back the Jews. The Satanic thing is a minority of Jews but seems like a disproportionately high percentage of Satanic families are Jewish. The Satanic family survivor on Oprah and many others happen to be Jewish. I believe some of the most evil and best people on Earth are Jews. Sumner Redstone, Soros, ect. and the Jew majority. Dark anti-White hearts and sweethearts.

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