How it’s Said and Who is Saying It

But due to what Christians say is “Man’s Fallen Nature”, they don’t really get it and “Identity Politics” is proof of it.

How it’s Said

This sounds like politically correct mind control, but if you say things “the wrong way,” it gets a bad reaction. Therefore, what you’re saying might be some painful truth from a parent, but you come off like a monster. We probably have thousands of “kids getting back at their parents” to prove it.

Who is Saying it

Bottom line is that some hillbilly isn’t going to get a good reception in the ghetto, especially with a huge rebel flag in background. That sort of thing is only good for comedy – LOL – and suicide – LOL.

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One thought on “How it’s Said and Who is Saying It”

  1. They say they can overcome evil with their own power. Well, Christianity teaches you have to be dependent on Christ’s power to do so.

    Now traditional Judaism – I don’t know about the link above, the Talmud or whatever – demands faith in God’s grace combined with animal sacrifices. Why are there no sacrifices in Judaism it seems? How about among the Hasidic ones?

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