The Two Major Groups on Social Media in Tennessee

Where I live, in Tennessee and the surrounding areas there is a large group of Trumpish “rednecks” so to speak, and a smaller group of vocal “bleeding hearts” who highly resent being called pansies/idiots.

Anyway, I feel for the bleeding hearts, as I can see where they’re coming from. Basically, anyone with any inkling of compassion is trampled on by the rednecks like a chainsaw on a snowflake – LOL. That pretty much sums up the redneck thing – chainsaws. That should be their new nickname, like how they call their opponents snowflakes.

This stuff brings to mind that old show Duckman, where Jason Alexander’s cartoon character would  throw these PC bunnies (forgot what they were – some soft animals) into a meat grinder. 😆

But I can understand the redneck position

The fact is they’re often highly correct. Assuming the stuff discussed isn’t “Fat people are ugly.”, etc.

What I mean is the truth is often “not nice”. But the perennial problem is they cannot speak their harsh truth in love. This is why so many misfits flock over to the Cultural Left. Who wants to side with bullies who oppress them? Does a bunny side with a wolf? How about a bird with a cat?

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One thought on “The Two Major Groups on Social Media in Tennessee”

  1. Well, to be the “devil’s advocate” – I have to say it’s not about “what is said”, but also “how it’s said” and “who is saying it”. So like with other identity politics groups – the whites have their share of “asses”.

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