SRA – Satanic Ritual Activity

I think, that Jeff Epstein was involved in this big time – maybe even involving babies and children. The heat coming against him isn’t SJW anti-man stuff. He was the scum of the Earth.

Do even the teenie-whores – as @Robert Lindsay described them – deserve the most horrible torture/death?

What is in these people?

No doubt with serial killers there is a high element of demonic possession. In most of history, we see that Satan has demanded blood sacrifice. Look at the Aztecs, for instance, and their sacrifices were the most despicable of all, often targeting the most innocent. I suppose the demons get more a thrill this way.

Are they Jewish?

No doubt, like Epstein, some obviously are. However, plenty aren’t. But try explaining this to anti-Semites.

The prevalence of Jews  might be because the chosen people to bring salvation were Jews – Jesus was a  Jew – and the Jews rejected the savior. Therefore, Satan gets his kicks getting Jews involved in the most heinous evil.

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One thought on “SRA – Satanic Ritual Activity”

  1. Interesting, well certainly Satan has had his effect on the Jews anyway – LOL. Well, the New Testament suddenly brings Satan into the picture – very strongly.

    However, wait. Satan is all thru the Old Testament in Genesis – and also in the book of Job, maybe elsewhere.

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