SRA – Satanic Ritual Activity – and Blackmail

The whole scene at Epstein’s pad was about blackmail. Look at the goings-on at his Pleasure Island. But the blackmail  was not just for sex with underage teenage girls – eeeeekkkk, but this was actually part of grander scheme literally to blackmail the whole elite establishment against opposing the trans-humanist scientists. This seems like what I was listening to on The Alex Jones Show.

I wouldn’t doubt any of this, and I figure even Trump was involved. Wasn’t it Trump who said something like:

Epstein, he likes beautiful girls like I do.

Why wouldn’t Trump have visited his island and partaken in the most heinous evil? Was I born yesterday?

Trump creeps me out because he’s such a blatant and obvious psychopath. It’s just glaring off of him, but yet, the working people want to see him like he’s just a common man, a folk hero, a small business owner type.

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