Alt Left: Face It: The Latest Riots are Multiracial Leftwing Antiracist Riots

Alpha Unit: I am responding to this narrative that all this destruction and violence is a “Black” thing. That’s not the whole story.

I would agree with you that the riots are not all a Black thing. Head on over to American Renaissance and see how these are being portrayed as Black riots. Well, there are Black riots in this country, but these don’t really qualify. In some cities, in these riots it is mostly Blacks rioting. Those are cities in the South like Atlanta, Louisville, Birmingham, and some other places that elude me at the moment. I believe there were Whites in the crowd in Atlanta though.

In general, the rioters were a mix of young Black, Hispanic, and White men, mostly antisocial and living on the edge of society, most without decent or any jobs or much to lose. I saw many young men rioting right alongside the Blacks. The Whites looked like skate punk and Antifa types. A lot of Whites were holding up BLM signs and chanting BLM slogans.

In LA, most of the rioters tended to be Hispanics.

In Las Vegas, the crowd was very mixed, mostly Hispanics with some Whites, even including White women, with a few Blacks in the mix too. The white rioters seemed to have more of the fancier materials you need to start a riot.

In Minneapolis, many of those smashing and setting things on fire were young White men, often skate punk types. In some cases, they worked right alongside inner city type Blacks. However, I did see an interview with a Minneapolis Black gang member who said that all of the gangs in the city (mostly Black) were working together in these riots to cause mayhem even though a lot of them were enemies normally.  So there is also a criminal gang element, but that shouldn’t be surprising.

The riots seem quite multiracial in New York, but it was hard to get a breakdown. There were a lot of Blacks but also some Whites.

There were many Whites in the Washington DC riots but also a lot of Blacks of course.

Rioters in Seattle and Portland tended to be young antifa type Whites.

Chicago seemed to have a lot of Blacks, but there were also Whites mixed in.

The truth is that these for the most part are multiracial riots. Yes, many rioters are Black, but there are quite a few young White and Hispanic men in the mix.

I will say one thing. It seems like most of the looting is being done by Blacks. I did see a few Whites looting in Minneapolis and New York. Hispanics are known to loot but I’m not aware of how many of them did. In the Rodney King riots, the looters were heavily Black and Hispanics. However, when they moved up to Hollywood, a lot of more or less regular young White men got in on, targeting high end items.

I was happy to see the stores of the rich looted and smashed up though. That’s who they should be targeting.

Looting does tend to be a Black thing. Hispanics don’t seem to loot as much, and it seems like a lot of Whites, even White rioters, are averse to looting. A White rioter will smash stuff up, set a building on fire but then refuse to loot other buildings. Not sure why that is, but I think Antifa doesn’t like looting. Plus a lot of Whites are afraid to steal or perhaps they even consider it morally wrong.

Alpha Unit: And leftwing people are not delusional for thinking there are rightwing people out there seeking to capitalize on these protests.

Correct, but I am seeing little evidence of this.

Three Bugaloo Boys went to a demonstration and tried to turn it violent, but the crowd did not buy it. Further, the Bugaloos are a mixed bag. Yes most are rightwingers, often racist ones. However, there are other Bugaloos who are on the left and a number of them are antiracists. So the Bugaloos are just a group of “tear it down” folks who are insurrectionists against the government for a variety of reasons – right, left, racist and antiracist. The only thing that unites them is the desire to smash it up and take down the state.

I am watching leftwing subs on Reddit, and all they ever say about these riots is that it’s White Nationalist racists and undercover police instigators who are setting off the  riots or even doing most of the damage. I went to the page of one liberal, and he said all the destruction was being done by White nationalists and undercover police instigators. He also said Russia was behind the riots.

Black people don’t want to think it’s their people rioting. That’s a typical human Dindu reaction. They are correct, the Black rioters are having a significant  amount of White and Hispanic help. That’s the better response. Pawning it off on cops and rightwing racists ain’t gonna cut it.

Leftwingers and antiracists object to the notion that these are leftwing antiracist riots. Once again this is the typical human Dindu reaction. Dindu reactions tend to be more of a human response than a Black cope. People don’t like to take responsibility when their group does bad things, so they blame it all on outsiders or better yet, their enemies.

Rightwingers are notorious for this but as we can see, leftwingers and antiracists are not immune to it either. The defenses are Denial and Projection. “Blaming other people” isn’t just something pathological people do. Most people go through life blaming other people in some way or other. I don’t object to blaming other people, but I think the less you do it, the better.

But that’s exactly what they are – these are indeed leftwing antiracist riots. And antifa-type and BLM (neither of which are organizations) elements do appear significant. The young Whites may be apolitical, or if they vote at all, they vote Bernie. The Blacks and Hispanics just vote straight Democratic if they even vote at all. I think a lot of these rioters are apolitical in the sense that they are outside of organized politics and might not even vote.

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38 thoughts on “Alt Left: Face It: The Latest Riots are Multiracial Leftwing Antiracist Riots”

  1. I wouldn’t call this a civil war or revolution by any means. But the war mentality has taken over and everybody has gone insane with tunnel vision. I’ve been open with conservatives that I am against the police in this case.

    I’m not sure who to hate more right now, the Right for being so pigheaded or the Left for sabotaging a great civil rights movement.

    My mostly white Republican friends refuse to acknowledged police are brutal pigs. And if they do it’s because the spicks & niggers deserve it.

    My liberal friends are screaming racism! The poor blacks never do anything wrong! Liberals are just race-baiting. The Left really knows how to piss off White people. There are now open-carry Whites standing in front of their homes and business with total support from the police. It’s like a Southern lynching movie.

    Some libertarians are actually thinking rationally. But some have sided with the bootlickers and law & order types, thereby showing their true colors: White power commies/fascists.

    My prediction is that the country becomes more Republican, but some police reforms do take place. A few more of these on-camera incidents over the next few years and we’ll have actual police reform.

    1. Yep. Have you noticed Trump has co-opted Nixon’s language regarding ” law and order”? Trump is most likely going to win again, and this time, the electoral college won’t be close.

      1. Nah these demonstrations and riots are not helping Trump or Republicans in general. As the riots went on, Trump fell further in the polls and Republican Senators started facing tougher races. Face it, the media is quite anti-Republican at the moment. They’ve found a nice Establishment neoliberal neoconservative in Biden and they are quite comfortable with him. I’d say that the mainstream Democratic Party is what’s getting invigorated. However, the preside politics getting invigorated is of a leftwing Bernie-type police and judicial system reform type.

    2. Hi, please capitalize White as in the White race. Such a great race as ours certainly deserves to be treated as a proper noun with a capital letter, would you not agree?

        1. Are we or are we not a great race? We are part of the great White race, no? Ok, then. Such a great race as ours deserved to be honored with a capital letter.

      1. True Americans. Jessica Simpsons old glory bikini shots is apple pie. Of course America is European in origin. Some native Indian tribes believed it to be a giant turtle. Europeans made turtle soup out of their world and called it America. The East coast WASP families are shell of what they used to be. They laid the foundation though. What would you stamp the Upper NW as?

  2. Yes, little concrete evidence of rightwing White participation in riots and lots of anecdotes.

    I’ve seen anecdotes of people describing White dudes putting graffiti on buildings, lighting things on fire, throwing incendiary devices, etc. One 25-year-old White man was arrested for setting fire to a historic courthouse building in Nashville. On this blog, you and other commenters readily acknowledge that a lot of White men are rioting, burning, and looting.

    The problem is, it’s impossible to know anyone’s true political affiliation in all this. There’s no registry of rioters where people put down their political views or say what group they’re with. So I guess it’s Dindus all around.

    1. One 25-year-old White man was arrested for setting fire to a historic courthouse building in Nashville.

      No one knows his political affiliation though.

      On this blog, you and other commenters readily acknowledge that a lot of White men are rioting, burning, and looting.

      Yes! Absolutely! But they all seem to be on the Left from what I can tell anyway. No one has produced any evidence that these rioters are rightwingers. Most of them are opportunists, though. If they have any politics at all, I would assume that they were Bernie voters. These were very leftwing antiracist protests. I would assume that most of the rioters would be the same.

      But you are correct that these are not “Black riots.” These are definitely multiracial demonstrations and riots. Some people noted that in some crowds, there were more Whites than Blacks.

      Oh I forgot to add. In New York, most of the demonstrators were Blacks, Hispanics and people who could not be distinguished between Blacks and Hispanics. Dominicans and Puerto Ricans, maybe? Those Hispanics and people of haze ethnicity did seem to be the majority in New York.

  3. And one more thing. Young progressives do alot of talking, but on election day, THEY DON’T GO OUT AND VOTE. It’s been been one of the more frustrating pieces of the puzzle for the Democratic party.

  4. The crypto-neocon will win. I tokenize Blacks less than conservatives and liberals I know. Most Whites love Blacks on their team. Polynesians are dancing for Blacks. Other non-Whites taking a break from their own races’ Identity Politics to support BLM. The solidarity is for Blacks. I had compassion for George Floyd on a human level. The fact that he was Black really ballooned emotions for most people.

    Whites and non-Whites wouldn’t do shit if cops did this to a White man. Some evil Nazis on the dark web might mention it. Most Whites would cover their ears while non-Whites applaud.

    1. Totally true. The mainstream media totally buries stories of innocent Whites getting murdered by botched police operations. Two months ago, a White kid got killed, according to his family, while sleeping, by a baseless SWAT raid.

      But when a Black criminal gets killed, they go nuts. It almost feels as if the media is conspiring with the police to discredit Blacks and boost police power. Maybe I do need a tin foil hat after all.

      The race-baiters are just making Whites mad. If Whites weren’t such sheeple, they’d get furious. Like, Nazi-level furious. WNs have ridiculous ideas about Jews and whatnot, but they are aware of how much Whites get ignored.

      1. Not seeing this rightwing White backlash you are talking about. Whites across the spectrum seem to be rallying behind that Blacks and as Polar Bear noted, everyone else seems to be getting on board Black Identity Politics at the moment. Even rigthwing Whites are genuflecting towards the Blacks. Everyone is turning against Trump and the White law and order crowd. Even the Pentagon is opposed to it.

        1. Really? The few White conservatives I’ve talked to are all siding with the police. Maybe it’s my small sample size or my area. Stormfront is mostly anti-protestor at this point. I hope I’m wrong and Whites rally against the Police.

          Rand Paul, the quasi-Libertarian, just stalled an atrocious anti-lynching bill in the Senate. It was a bipartisan effort to make lynching a federal crime by broadly redefining it. Rand Paul pointed out that it’s already a federal hate crime. He criticized the Senate for not going after qualified immunity or police militarization instead. Democrats called him a racist.

          The two main parties are NOT interested in limiting police power. They are making a mockery of the situation by further increasing government powering in the name of racism. They totally jumped on this crisis just like they did after 9/11 and passed the faggot Patriot Act.

          1. One of my friends was a professor in Canada. He got removed from the university because they said he’s a white nationalist. He has written two fantastic books, and I can send the pdf to you guys(Robert to you too) if you wish, just let me know and send the email:


            Check his tweeter feed and tell me which side you stand for he makes sense too:


          2. Yes I know about him. I’d say he’s definitely a White Supremacist. Is he a White nationalist though? Does he want a White homeland?

            I read some of his book. You can send it again if you wish.

  5. I am the only one who thinks the pulling down/vandalism/ removal of statues is setting a dangerous precedent? I saw they were attacking a statue of JEB Stuart. Does this mean someone will want to erase DC’s Haunted Tank from history too? If they can remove stuff one group of people don’t like, what’s to stop them from removing other things too?

  6. Many groups of people are anti-Black racist because too many Blacks behave poorly. Blacks would face far less racism if they behaved like Whites and Asians.

    Black behavior is the genesis of anti-Black racism.

    1. If you’re an anti-Black racist, those are your feelings and beliefs. Black people didn’t inject those feelings and beliefs into you. They’re yours. That’s who you are.

      1. I never thought about this before. Why don’t Black police harass the White underclass?

        I’d have to know a lot more about policing (both rural and urban) before I could try to answer. But the first thing that comes to mind is that there is probably no pay-off for Black officers to behave that way, even if they were so inclined. Either they gain nothing from doing so or they have clear incentive NOT to do it.

        Just guessing.

          1. Black cops are more likely to kill Black suspects than White cops! So much for White cops being on a power trip, at least against Blacks.

          2. Garbageman Returns,

            You seem to be saying that there just isn’t any kind of psychological pay-off for a Black officer to try to lord it over White underclass people. This is what I guessed myself. We also seem to agree that there could be repercussions for the Black officer.

            So yes, the dynamic is different. Whites and Blacks experience the world quite differently.

      2. It’s probably because when Whites, even the under-class ones, get pulled over, they tend to be less violent and more respectful. At least they compare a bit more so less animosity between the Police and White rednecks builds up.

        Black people will make a HUGE stink when interacting with police. Irrespective of whether they were doing anything wrong or not. Police are Cluster B psycho authoritarian bullies by nature. They hate anyone who dares challenge their authority. Blacks are rowdy and love to do that exact thing.

        1. Good point.

          An African-American police officer is not really going to be afraid of a malnourished tweaker who is 40 pounds underweight.

          While a slender average-sized White Policeman is going to be fairly panicky around an NBA-sized behemoth.

          Also, redneck tweakers tend to simply go with the system. Get a lawyer, bond out of jail, follow the procedure.

          With redneck tweakers, its usually a matter of “Oh, you caught me and the game is over”

          Also, the real professional white criminals like outlaw MC’s and Italian mobsters will have an 1000 dollar an hour lawyer. They’ll have friends on the force. Maybe a judge on the payroll.

          The worst white criminals are fairly intelligent. Jeffrey Dahmer had a NASA high IQ. So did Whitey Bulger.

          They’re usually cooperative.

        2. Blacks resist arrest all the time! I’ve been arrested a couple of times. One thing you should not do is resist arrest. It’s a good way to get guaranteed to get beaten up. Why do so many Blacks resist arrest? What the Hell is the matter with Black people? They also run from the cops all the time.

          Rates of Blacks resisting arrest are far higher than Whites resisting arrest. I have not seen data on Blacks running from cops. That’s stupid too. They’re obviously going to catch you, especially if you are in a vehicle.

          1. Fight and flight. I watch a lot of prank shows and Blacks will often square up to fight or run. Even the Blacks squaring up run if it gets too out of the norm. It’s often a quick instinctual run. Cops likely ellicit a similar response.

        3. Police are Cluster B psycho authoritarian bullies by nature.

          Perhaps they have to be like this, no idea. But once you figure that out, you realize that you need to not fuck with these MF’s at all.

          1. As easy as it is to dismiss Black people for resisting of fleeing arrest, let’s consider it through the lens of an ethical code instead. Never snitch. Never cooperate. Never give up without a fight. It gives them credibility on the street ad in prison. The military has a similar code where it’s a crime to divulge information to the enemy if avoidable and troops should always resist and evade capture even if it means death.

          2. A disproportionate amount of Police are mentally ill in my opinion; pathologically low empathy and/or PTSD. Still, they could be controlled if the government cared enough. Privatized security forces can be well behaved if they are at risk of being fired or sued. If they feel they have no consequences and hired directly by the government, you get Blackwater. Many of those “loss prevention” guards and bouncers are just like cops but dumber. Depending on management, they can be good or not.

          3. A disproportionate amount of Police are mentally ill in my opinion; pathologically low empathy and/or PTSD. Still, they could be controlled if the government cared enough. Privatized security forces can be well behaved if they are at risk of being fired or sued. If they feel they have no consequences and hired directly by the government, you get Blackwater. Many of those “loss prevention” guards and bouncers are just like cops but dumber. Depending on management, they can be good or not.

            Being a teacher or cop with kindness – is a major handicap. You get walked all over.

  7. The police have to exist to fight crime. If police are being disbanded, this is truly some Cultural Revolution thing – and the end result will likely be hellish, probably.

  8. Not all people supporting Bugollos, whatever, are white supremacists. Some are just anti-government – mainly because they see the government as some Satanic globalist scheme to enslave and then finally kill them – and even – LOL – the people supporting the government.

    Anyway, WNs mixing with such types – provides strong propaganda for the globalist regime – as “they all seem the same”.

    1. They just hate cops. They are gun-toting rednecks who hate cops, authority, and the state. Sure a lot are racist, etc. but quite a few of the younger ones are not at all. Furthermore, Bugalloo pages are very much supporting these George Floyd demonstrations and riots. They’re anti-cop too, and they don’t like that police killed that man.

  9. Military personnel are respected but cops are not. An Army guy that was sent in told me the rioters/looters behaved once they showed up.

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