Put Everyone in a Mental Health Ward

Well, sort of. The Democrats’ plan is to simply isolate everyone and make them dependent on the Democrats for their very breathing. Also, they will get away with it  because they will probably win the presidency and both houses of Congress. The next step? It would be implementation of Agenda 21 – depopulation.

Wouldn’t There Be a Rightwing Reaction?

I don’t think so. This is the final scene in the globalist coup, and Gods, Gun and Country people simply won’t be able to launch a counter-offensive.

What’s Odd?

I always thought the profit motive motivated society, that is, things will always be normal because people want profit most of all.  However, in this case we see the profit motive as another illusion like sexual lust only intended to trap. These billionaires made billions and now they want Agenda 21? Something stronger than money is at work.

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