Is Diversity the Problem?

No, not really because many Blacks are not ghetto types. On the other hand, the fact that diversity allows ghetto types to live outside the ghetto is a problem. However, you can’t put ghetto types on a reservation without looking classist and racist.  Also, I assume you’d to have to put many Whites there also.

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4 thoughts on “Is Diversity the Problem?”

  1. Diversity is the problem. Too many people think in groups instead of individual. Too many are wrapped in identity politics. Many want power for themselves and not others.

    The old America was the perfect model. You had Blacks and Whites ramming heads against each other but they were hardly any Hispanics, Muslims, Asians, and Women and Gay rights took a backseat. Blacks and Whites atleast shared two commonalities in Christianity faith and English language.

    We dig the Blacks. We like their music, watch their movies, even read their literature. Sports like NBA and NFL would be unwatchable minus Blacks. Their culture like White culture is universal.

    Can you make a great civilization?
    Can you entertain us?

    Whites make great societies mostly, and are great entertainers
    Blacks don’t make good societies mostly, but are great entertainers.
    Asians make good societies and mildly entertain me. Video gaming.
    Browns don’t make great societies and don’t entertain me much.

    My antidote.

    1. Yes but Asians and Hispanics provide us with hot girls to fuck at rates equal or exceeding that of Whites. That’s worth more than a triple platinum album or an Oscar.

      1. LOL. I’m only sexually attracted to light skinned women, but they are plenty of beautiful light skin Latinas. I never was attracted to Asian women for whatever reason. Simple case of like and don’t like.

  2. Yeah, no doubt the identity politics can be sickening. Well, on the white side – the Trumpish whites cannot see out of their bubble at all. They can’t see why blacks – just might not like Republicans or Trump.

    Yeah, maybe diversity don’t work – simply cause – as one commentator noted – people cannot get out of their bubble.

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