Rodney King Was High on PCP

I heard this from a family member, not sure if it’s true. That would have explained the massive beating. Nonetheless, White cops are often smartasses and abusive so the black protesters don’t really care about the facts, even if they were aware of them.

Another problem is Identity Politics, and this is also true with Whites who blab rude stuff about other races all the time races that they would never say to their faces. You see this on social media all the time.


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One thought on “Rodney King Was High on PCP”

  1. Asian leaning Whites will not call a Black a nigger to his face. The blabber mouth Whites are more like Blacks “Keeping it real”. The biggest King Kong nigger in the world will likely kill you if you call him one. Whites are generally just being polite and non-agitative.

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