10 thoughts on “George Floyd Did Have Drugs on Him”

  1. Yeah he was probably high and that contributed to his death.

    America will now turn into a fascist-lite country like Francoist Spain in an effort to contain communists on the Left. Maybe not as dictatorial, we’ll have a Congress and elections, but it will be a police state. The police will fuck up the undesirables.

    Don’t expect the Democrats to help you either. They love the Big Government. They’ll blame racism which isn’t the problem. Diversity is the root of the problem. Let’s just hope minority IQ’s continue to rise so we can all get along.

    I don’t know if it was set up or just a natural reaction by a conservative White country. I suppose I can live with this outcome, but it’s not my idea of heaven.

    1. The tide isn’t favoring the Republicans – only a Democrat victory in November – and Biden is buddy buddy with China. If anything, this is a globalist coup.

      Well, already, the whole Covid lockdown is way stronger in blue states, which tells you something.

    2. True diversity lovers accept racialism or race realism. Races are mankind’s color palette. A woman tells me she loves diversity, I often roll my eyes, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the genuine ones.

      1. There are so many so called so-called “low quality Whites” who make that idea a total joke. Also, WNs being angry at blacks? But it’s mostly White radicals doing the looting.

        Finally, nationality – not race – has divided mankind thru history. Can WNs explain this thing to the English and French? How about the Japanese and Koreans?

        1. Low quality Whites? I think MN is still very White.

          ATL looters, rioters, etc. will be mostly Black. Blacks are kind of known for rioting and looting. Whites are doing this for Blacks. That fat White woman is likely looting lamps for her Black bull.

          Civic nationalism is the joke. English and French overlap but there are distinctly French and English features. Contrasting helps us appreciate them. Japanese have Ainu admixture, Koreans don’t.

  2. Conservatives getting pissed at rioters and looters. A WWII memorial and Lincoln monument were vandalized with BLM graffiti and fire. White liberals are incensed. I follow some that are more outspoken than ever on social media. The death of George Floyd is liberal catnip. Blacks I know are learning what antifa is, maybe getting more political. Older Blacks don’t want rioters and looters getting out of control. They support peaceful protest and are outraged. The average Black seems in the middle of hardcore White liberals and conservatives.

    1. All elites, social media etc. are on the side of Democrats – and also China – so expect a Democrat dictatorship (basically) come November.

  3. There are White vigilantes know roaming the streets with bats. It’s a WN wet dream come true. Diversity always leads to this shit.

    Republicans won’t ever accept that police are fucked up because they police largely mess with Black people. I bet you if there were no Blacks, police would take a chill pill because Whites wouldn’t take their shit forever.

    1. WNs are simply propaganda for the globalists. They are allowed to exist to draw in more whites etc. to the globalist camp – under the lie of “compassion”.

      For instance, the Holocaust has been hyped since World War II BECAUSE it paints the globalist regime as kind. For instance, it would seem like the globalists rescued the world from Nazis, and now these freako WNs – and to a lesser degree, anyone Republican – are trying to bring it back.

      Note Leftists are ALWAYS labeling any anti-globalist group as “Nazi” or “Fascist,” even though, it’s the globalists setting up the largest Final Solution by far.

  4. All of this rioting and looting over a home invader and counterfeiting thug. This may be the classic case of “Straw that broke the camel’s back”, but how many bad straws do you go through. It seems like every high profile case with Whitey killing a Black, the dead Black is always some monstrous thug.

    We know the MSM hides Black on White crime. White nationalist have theorize that the MSM purposely looks for worst Blacks possible who were killed by Whites and pumps up the story, suggesting they purposely hide the stories of good, educated, well mannered Blacks killed by Whites. This attempt is to infuriate Whites.

    It’s a theory, but I must say it’s an effective way to get Whites mad. It’s quite funny in a sick way.

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