Blacks Are Plenty Enough Intelligent

You can see that from social media posts. Well, a lot of them are probably. Anyway, what’s the real problem? It’s the motivation. You don’t see many  of them taking on school very aggressively.  They’re plenty willing to get on social help programs and vote Democratic. This is why they’re hated but racists assume they also aren’t intelligent.

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2 thoughts on “Blacks Are Plenty Enough Intelligent”

  1. They seem like White jocks, the glory days of both may be in youth. A lot of Blacks still wear their varsity jacket. Robert’s right, there are plenty of White protesters in MN. The Black men are in the best shape. White nerds are more like school focused East Asians. Blacks motivation is more sport focused. Neill Degrasse exists but is a bit of an exception. Nearly every Black I know is into sports. People are successful where their passions lie.

    1. But, of course, sarcasm, the environment of Satanic hip-hop IS NOT affecting them. It’s all the genes.

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