Alt Left: Welcome to Karen World: The Carceral Society

Half of society are Karens or the male equivalent.  It’s Karen World. America is Karen World. Say hello to Karen everyone, our new Dear Leader.

Everyone’s got the cops on fast dial and the Meatspace ban hammer ready.

Do you really  have to call the cops on everyone for every pissant little chickenshit law violation you can think of?

Do you really have to ban people from establishments for basic human behavior like trying to talk to other humans?

Don’t you think you can sort out these disagreements among yourselves with being androgynous Karens and cucks and calling Mommy Cop every time the sun doesn’t shine your way?

Ever heard of people “working out the problems amongst themselves” without getting ban-happy, fire-happy, sanction-happy, or calling  the cops?

Must you ban, fire, and sanction everyone for every petty chickenshit transgression? What’s the point? Are you some authoritarian freak out to fire every employee or ban every customer or call the cops an any citizen who looks at you wrong?

Before you go psycho-boss and fire that employee for some chickenshit violation (9

Before you go ban-happy and ban your best customers because of silly airheads or Baby Karens, think maybe you could talk to the guy? You know, some Baby Karen woman-children are wetting their panties over your innocuous behavior, so maybe just be cool and try to watch it?

Oh, you got a bit of a problem with your neighbor! Maybe go talk to the guy before you call the pigs over your chickenshit beef like an overgrown baby?

People talk about the Carceral State. That’s not the half of it. We have a Carceral Society. We’re a society of narcs. And I hate narcs. We bitched about the Stasi, but now here we are. We are all Stasi now. SJW Stasi, sure, but Stasi nonetheless.

Doesn’t it feel great to be a pig, order people around and mess up their lives? It does?

You asshole. No it doesn’t. No decent person likes being a narc or a pig. If you do, you’re a bad person.

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3 thoughts on “Alt Left: Welcome to Karen World: The Carceral Society”

  1. A lot of women are cunts. If you even speak to them, they act like you grabbed their ass!

    Also, a lot of women are snobby cunts who bully whoever is outside their acceptable zone. In this case, I can see them picking on a lot of autistic people, and this is why anti-women thinking might be popular in that group.

    Case in Point: I had a job at Subway, and my supervisor was convinced “I was rettaaaarded.” So sure enough, the next day, even after being ass-kissed by the person hiring me, I lost the job, even some dumb sandwich making job.

  2. The Old South was more natural. “Miss Skeeter has no man and no babies.” The Help. This is far from the ideal woman. Black slaves weren’t looting cotton, nor were Whites bowing before Blacks and begging for their forgiveness. If slavery is too harsh, newly freed Blacks behaved well too. Southern Jews were fully assimilated to Whites. A few from the North assimilated to the mud. You want backwards gender roles drive North until you see ugly women with purple colored hair. Think White areas are dangerous, take a midnight stroll down MLK blvd.

  3. Women had men and eventually babies in the Old South. Women respected and relied on men back then. Non-Whites should be loyal to the West, as Claudius has pointed out.

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