If People Can’t Do it, Why Bother Talking About It?

If elites like Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Ted Turner don’t really think they can reduce the population by 95 percent (in a reasonable time frame – LOL), then why bother talking about it?

I mean, what kind of arrogant fag like Ted Turner would spout out some comment like “Oh, well the population needs to be reduced to half a billion.” if they didn’t really think it was possible, and especially important, this guy doesn’t REALLY believe it can be done without genocide. In fact, the “peaceful method” talk is just PR for those who bother to listen anyway.

The Nazi Example

If a death cult wants to reduce the population, indeed they can. In fact, the whole Eastern Front was a depopulation/enslavement scene, not to mention that World War II, in general, killed a humongous amount of people all over the world.

The Rising Population in Africa Is Indeed a Threat – Not Just to White Supremacists

I mean, how are they getting Oprah on board on this? In fact, “concerned people about The Planet” – perhaps somewhat thinking there won’t be enough food, among other problems from a rising population – might indeed use government power in “death cult” fashion, believing they are doing a greater good.

Anyway, don’t be naive in thinking they wouldn’t go worldwide, even in traditionally White nations, to go for the 95 percent goalpost.

White Supremacists Heads Will Roll Also

Even though they are massive backers of population control/eugenics, they won’t get favoritism in some Bill Gates genocide.

Oh, This Is Just a Fraternity Joke!


Nah, they picked 666 for no reason at all. Really – LOL!

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2 thoughts on “If People Can’t Do it, Why Bother Talking About It?”

  1. How did they get Oprah on board with this? They got a pole, tied a piece of string to it, carefully and gently wrapped the string around a piece of chocolate cake, being careful to secure the cake from dropping, dangled it in front of her, and led her into cult headquarters.

  2. The Satanic Elite are superior and so CAN reproduce.

    It’s so unfair isn’t it?

    No, it’s not being superior – per se. It’s just the HUNTER and the HUNTED. These serial killers simply have killed us before we could sense them coming!

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